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    animal kingdom/harambe nights music

    Hey. Was wondering if anyone would recommend any CD's that are similar to the bands who play in the africa section in the animal kingdom? or of the music that was played in Harambe Nights? Tried looking online but typing in african music is a bit too vague lol. Thanks
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    Question for the Brits really.......

    Yeah that's for staying in international drive - we usually prefer that so that we can eat outside disney
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    Harambe Nights at Disney's Animal Kingdom this summer

    HI, Thanks for the review. Im going on the 26th July. I was wondering what was the food procedure like -Is it easy to get up a second time or is it really busy? Are there seats for everyone at the dinner bit?
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    Question for the Brits really.......

    We booked through Sunshine Holidays this year. This included flight tickets (£800 each), two weeks accommodation ( £340 total) and a rental car (£250 total). It changes every year - last year we booked with Thomas cook since that was cheaper.
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    Power Rank the World Showcase "Attractions"

    1)Maelstrom - way ahead of the rest - - - - - - - - 2)Gran Fiesta Tour 3)The American Adventure..
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    Recommended Restaurants Outside Disney

    cheesecake factory at millennia mall
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    I love it - same - wish it was longer. I also wish they had kept the old Mexico boat ride.
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    Eat it Or Spit it

    eat it caramel apple
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    The 'letter' game!

    Animal Kingdom Lodge
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    How Many Days for you Part 10

    60 days ! Woohoo!!!!
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    How to: Trip Countdown

    My Trip To Walt Disney World
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    Why do you stay off site?

    I stay off-site because I like to walk about international drive and................I really really really love Pizza hut breadsticks! In the UK we don't get them. Always gain pounds of breadsticks lol. X
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    FastPass+ UnFair process Confirmed

    I must admit that I was worried about the waits I would incur when I heard that resort guests got to book 60 days in advance. When they changed it to off-site guests could book 30 days in advance I was much happier. I think they listened to concerns people were having. I think we should prob...
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    Frozen ride replacing Maelstrom?

    :( I like Maelstrom! Hope they don't change it. It's timeless and eventually (not any time soon but eventually lol) the Frozen crowds will calm down. Don't think they will build much for it - well at least for years and years. They only built Beasts castle after years of it being considered a...
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    California Grill- nut allergy

    HI, me and the family are going to florida again in the summer. We have booked California grill as my mum has always wanted to try it. im allergic to nuts and a veggie. Anyone one know if they would give me the sweet potatoe gnocchi without the hazelnut emulsion? Or does anyone know what the...
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    Disney secrets

    probably that you can get ice water at any stand for free - saves loads since the drinks are all overpriced
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    souvenir choices

    If you could only take one souvenir away with you from WDW what would it be?
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    epcot buddha boards price?

    Not sure if anyone will be able to answer this but I was wondering if anyone knows how much the Buddha boards in epcot are.
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    Magic Kingdom Barbershop

    Hey! I know this sounds like a silly question but can female adults with long hair go to the barbershop to get their hair cut? And do adults go there when they don't have any children? I noticed that their hair prices are quite cheap but in all the pictures there have always been children there...
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    What attraction makes it complete?

    Has to be watching fantasmic for me! It just makes me so happy!!!
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