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    Oh no, say it ain't so, Joe..

    Zach Riddley seems to be the one they are lining up for that role.
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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    I want to know who gets chosen to park their car a stone throw away from Galaxy's Edge!
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    Politics 28000 Layoffs coming to Disney's domestic theme parks - statement from Josh D'Amaro

    That is the part that has not happened. There has been no human factor for the thousands who were emailed this week. Nothing.
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    Politics 28000 Layoffs coming to Disney's domestic theme parks - statement from Josh D'Amaro

    You know how when you get an email from Disney about your stay, it has your name in it? Well, it doesn't take much to do. There would be no cost or difficulty in sending a personalized notification. This is a multi-billion dollar company which can't be bothered to even personalize an email to...
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    Politics 28000 Layoffs coming to Disney's domestic theme parks - statement from Josh D'Amaro

    The notices are not even signed by anyone at the company. Disney is really showing these days how little it values its employees.
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    Photography gear trade-in experiences/reviews

    I've been looking at various ways of selling old photography gear, and thought it might help others to share any experience. I just sold a Canon 7D and some lenses using It actually went surprisingly well. The online quote offered slightly more than I could find at bhphoto or Adorama...
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    Best park to currently visit

    Going to EPCOT right now is like you have discovered an abandoned theme park that is in the process of a rebuild that was then shutdown by a global pandemic and you shouldn't really be there. oh. DAK is a joy. DHS may well be worth it if you want to see Rise of the Resistance, which is easily...
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    On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

    Disney has the answer to the Epcot attendance problems - send in the "influencers!" And yes, there is someone at WDW with the job title of "Influencer Communications Manager"...
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    New limited time show at Theater of the Stars in place of Beauty and the Beast

    Love the GF band and nothing to do with them, but this show isn't good enough to be in a Disney theme park. It looks like a kids recital. Equity problems or not, Disney has the resources and ability to do far better and they need to be, especially now.
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    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I arrived yesterday at 9am with about a 10 car queue in front of me. Parking then opened at 9:15am, and was comfortably inside the park by 9:30am. Good luck!
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    News Magic Kingdom July 2020 reopening reports

    The wand detected by wallet, so they are powered up and working.
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    News Magic Kingdom July 2020 reopening reports

    Yes of course, but it becomes a problem when posts like hers are regurgitated all over the web without showing the other side of things. Of course the clickbait world is looking for doom and gloom. I'm a fair critic of Disney in many instances, but Disney is doing a very good job this week.
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    News Magic Kingdom July 2020 reopening reports

    Thanks. Makes sense now - one of those clickbait sites makes sense. I'll stick with reports from sites like WDWMAGIC :)
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    News Magic Kingdom July 2020 reopening reports

    You can take yourself out of an uncomfortable situation without being so dramatic and clearly looking for attention. Any idea what publication or site she is part of? Are you referring to disboards?
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    News Magic Kingdom July 2020 reopening reports

    The interesting thing is that some of the quoted so called "them park journalists" are among some of Celebration Place's chosen ones. Will be interesting to see how that works out for them. And who the heck is Caryle anyway? What site/publication does she represent? I've been in the parks 2...
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    News Magic Kingdom July 2020 reopening reports

    I was in Disney Springs when Josh and Jeff were doing some Instragram shots - it is quite a production. They have a group of 5 or 6 assistants who organize the shots, complete with reflectors etc. Interesting to see it happen and then appear on their Instagrams. I think Josh led the way with...
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    News Disney wins legal case against Orange County property appraiser

    Walt Disney World has won a case against Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh over the tax bill for Yacht and Beach Club. The ruling looks like it may cause many resorts throughout the area to request reassessments, and Disney has already said that it will have all of their resorts...
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    Splash Mountain re-theme announced

    Charita Carter being involved means expect LOTS of projection screens. She has been leading that initiative at WDI which cumulated in Runway Railway.
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    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    They will be patting themselves on the back for a great rollout. It is the Disney way.
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    I believe tickets expiration dates are changing right now?

    My May 28 expired paid in full has just (6:30pm) re-appeared in MDX and has been extended to August 23 2020.
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