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  1. eliza61nyc

    News Disney world attendance down 80%??,cases%20are%20on%20the%20decline&text=Disney%20World%20attendance%20is%20down,coronavirus%20outbreak%20in%20recent%20weeks. I got this...
  2. eliza61nyc

    Are we expecting too much by trying for "normalcy"?

    So this is one of those very general, hypothetical question but it popped in my head after talking in the back to school thread. As time goes by one word that is popping up more and more is "normalcy". We want the kids to get back to school as "normal", we want Disneyworld to operate as...
  3. eliza61nyc

    Is it time to get rid of the national anthem at sporting events?

    So the womens soccer league announce that they are allowing players the option of staying in the locker room during the national anthem and the NFL is trying to find a way around what is sure to be player protest. Read an interesting article saying it was time to pull the plug on the anthem...
  4. eliza61nyc

    Quick question on Florida Covid-19

    I'm asking for a friend who is considering driving down. Is Florida still requiring visitors from NY, NJ and PA to quarantine for 14 days and are they enforcing it?
  5. eliza61nyc

    What a difference a day makes. cancelled last trip. Waaaaaa!!

    What a difference a day makes, In January I was looking forward to 3 trips to the world. One was for a family wedding (on Mother's day weekend) and today I just canceled our family trip for August 23rd. Very bittersweet, I know in the real world with all that's going on, this is a first world...
  6. eliza61nyc

    Anyone changing or cancelling their trip due to Corona?

    I have two trips coming up. one at the end of May, the other at the end of August. I'm not cancelling either one. only have plane tickets for the May trip so far.
  7. eliza61nyc

    Is it possible for all workers to make a "living wage"

    Ok, so I know this is a hot button issue but I would ask that we have no "name" calling. I never understood how calling someone "stupid" was supposed to make them see your side of a discussion. lol. Anyway @NickMaio and I were talking about Disney's mom panel and whether or not it should be a...
  8. eliza61nyc

    does disney still have a number for planning large group visits?

    Someone at my job just asked me about planning a trip for 25 family members. Wowza. I thought there was a division so to speak that helped plan trips for large groups. Am I correct?
  9. eliza61nyc

    LOL, the annual "worst" Christmas carol thread

    Yes friends, it's that magical time of the year where we are once again bombarded with songs that stay in our head and are supposed to make us holly. But...... some songs makes us cringe. What Christmas ditty makes you empathize with the Grinch? For me it's two. Santa Baby by Madonna. her...
  10. eliza61nyc

    Do you try new restaurants when you go to the world? What's one you keep saying you're going to try.

    So one of the pictures on the home screen is a great one of skippers canteen and I realized we never ate there. Then I realized that we tend to frequent the same places over and over. Do you make it a point to try new places? or do you tend to stick with the old reliables? What's one place...
  11. eliza61nyc

    Wild Africa Trek cost question

    I swear I really am a functioning adult capable of using the net. lol for some reason me and the dvc site just are not the best of friends. :arghh: I can never find anything. I seem to remember from last year, the mouse men gave a 15% dvc discount on the wild africa trek. Is it still available?
  12. eliza61nyc

    Overtourism killing spontaneous vacations

    found this very interesting especially in light of the fact that everyone always blames Disney for having to preplan their vacations. Seems like it is not only the mouseworld. It's museums-centric but evidently a...
  13. eliza61nyc

    Hardest part of planning?

    What do you find the most frustrating part of planning a Disney vacation? Is it the Fast pass selection process, making ADR's, picking park days? or some thing else. We don't have any "must" do restaurants at the world so usually we concentrate on Fastpass selection. Once I get those, every...
  14. eliza61nyc

    anyone know whats going on with the pictures on the forums?

    tried to upload a few pictures on the picture of the day forum. not working all of sudden. others are also having an issue.
  15. eliza61nyc

    I found Poseidon, now where's Hercules?? Greece trip report.

    Well it's here, we are hanging out with the " God's" in beautiful Greece. Cast of characters,. The Golden Girls" My college buddies of 38 years. Love these ladies. We left Philly on a red-eye Friday. Saturday morning 🌞 Athens Greece. Lol first impression?? Athens drivers are insane. A...
  16. eliza61nyc

    The most you've paid for one day entertainment ticket?

    The 1/2 day wdw tickets got me thinking.....with the price of "events" through the roof these days, what's the most you've shelled out for a one day event? A concert, a sporting event, anything. and it can be inflation adjusted. 100 bucks wouldn't seem like a lot today but in 1970, that would...
  17. eliza61nyc

    dedicated 2 bedroom or lock off?

    Any preference? getting ready to book our vacation for next August, have a few more weeks until my 11 month window opens up. Booking a 2 bedroom at Beach club and was wondering what do folks prefer. It will be 2 families of 3 each. My sister in law, niece and my mother in law (hopefully...
  18. eliza61nyc

    What about a total Epcot demolish??

    Now I know it would never happen but Do you think it would be better if they would totally get rid of Epcot and build something new and totally different??
  19. eliza61nyc

    DVC members. 2nd class citizens???

    So I read an interesting post on another thread and the poster said that they always felt like DVC members were treated like 2nd class citizens. My question is: what did you expect upon purchasing your dvc and do you feel that we are treated "less than"? Maybe it's because I had experience...
  20. eliza61nyc

    Question for local guest.

    If you are a local visitor to WDW do you do any planning? for example, we were just discussing park hours, so if you are local do you check the hours of MK and have the ability to change your plans? I'm not local so I definitely get the park hours and plan my MK visit for the days when it's...
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