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  1. AtlantaPhotog

    Frozen ride replacing Maelstrom?

    Well... I can't add much to this thread except that I took a unique video with very light sensitive equipment 2 years ago... check out my video of the ride I suppose I wouldn't mind if they updated it but kept the spirit of the ride in tact.
  2. AtlantaPhotog

    Pre-Trip You're going again? You're CRAZY!!

    when do you go? your post said like 140 days or something but that would've been june... you're last trip report was one of the good ones that really stuck out to me so I'll be following your next one! food pix please.
  3. AtlantaPhotog

    Trip Report Just got home! Trip report July 2014

    hard to keep things like that a surprise unless your driving / they're young enough tho
  4. AtlantaPhotog

    Need to plan my next trip

    Need to plan my next trip
  5. AtlantaPhotog

    Just got my magic bands!

    We are heading to the world again in a few weeks, luckily I logged in last friday and they offered us to customize our bands if we got them in at that time. Well we did!! we received notice of shipment yesterday and first thing today.... I'm really impressed with the delivery. These...
  6. AtlantaPhotog

    Twirl week and Brazilians...

    Teds in buffalo and heirs of Liverpool in syracuse are easily the best dogs I've had. However I'll drive to Macon to try yours. The brands are shalens and Hoffman hot dogs. A street vendor in atl sells the Hoffman ones
  7. AtlantaPhotog

    Teppan Edo vs. typical hibachi joint

    Well the included fried rice thing depends on where you are in the country, I know in Atlanta it is usually an up charge. Teppan Edo is cool for a little kid and has great views of the fire works. The food like most disney food is blander than you would get going out to a normal restaurant...
  8. AtlantaPhotog

    Soarin over America...

    doesn't really matter... but the falls are both on the american side, although some of the horseshoe specifically touches canada and the better view of them is from the canadian side. also america is north america which includes canada. the video is flying over america, not flying over the...
  9. AtlantaPhotog

    Worst Ride in all of Disney Ever? Your opinion

    This ride has always been a disaster, they screwed it up when they released it as alien encounter and then they yanked it and softened it up.
  10. AtlantaPhotog

    9/6/12 First Day in the parks

    Thank you, I have some I"ll post.
  11. AtlantaPhotog

    9/6/12 First Day in the parks

    I For fireworks on your SLR I recommend f/16 or as high as f/19 along with exposure times of 10-15 seconds. I recommend ISO 100 @ f/16 and no higher than iso 200. (canon models). ISO 200 and 400 on Nikon. Finally, you must use a tripod of some sort.
  12. AtlantaPhotog

    9/6/12 First Day in the parks

    I knew from the online world that some views were being granted to philharmonic guests... we got out of peterpan just as a group was heading in and just blended in seamlessly :)
  13. AtlantaPhotog

    9/6/12 First Day in the parks

    the old figment shows were cool, the new one is just weird.
  14. AtlantaPhotog

    9/6/12 First Day in the parks

    Hey sorry for the delay, back on a real computer now. Camera Canon EOS-1D Mark IV Exposure 0.01 sec (1/100) Aperture f/1.8 Focal Length 50 mm ISO Speed 12800
  15. AtlantaPhotog

    9/6/12 First Day in the parks

    And finally... excuse the poor quality of this image the rain was coming down quite hard and I decided to forgo the real camera equipment. We tried the nutella waffle from Sleepy Hollow- glad we made the trip as it was fantastic and to quote the gf "the best breakfast" we had at disney...
  16. AtlantaPhotog

    9/6/12 First Day in the parks

    We stayed at OKW as DVC members. Upon arrival the first thing I noticed versus my June 2012 stay at OKW was the changeover to RFID plates on the door. Just hold your newly styled key to the world and green light pops the lock. Worked easily. a view of the room nice, but not as nice as my...
  17. AtlantaPhotog

    I had a preview of 'Enchanted tales with Belle'!!!

    I put a youtube video up of what she is talking about
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