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  1. jagiord1

    New Merida Rumor?

    So I was talking to a friend who is very good friends with Merida. I'm going to start this off by restating common knowledge. Cast Members are always the last to know anything. Anything they say needs to be taken with a grain of salt. However, my friend is one of Merida's best friends, and is...
  2. jagiord1

    Question about Cinderella's Royal Table.

    Hey guys. So my best friend came to me and told me that she'd like to go to the World for her birthday in June. We've been planning it all out and starting to book things. Knowing that Cinderella is her favorite princess, I booked surprise reservations at CRT for her birthday at 8:25pm. I have...
  3. jagiord1

    Rumor, BOG soft openings!

    Hey guys. So as I've previously posted, one of my good friends has been cast at Be Our Guest. I was on the phone with him earlier today, and he told me that the leaders told them that super secret unannounced soft openings will begin October 19th.. Which is awesome cause I'll be in the MK on the...
  4. jagiord1

    Even more Character changes?

    So one of my friends is currently cping, and he just uploaded a picture with Shadowman in Epcot! As far as I know, Shadowman hadn't been making appearances in the park. Is this something new, or have I just been out of loop?
  5. jagiord1

    Some updates about BOG and Timeframe

    One of my close friends who is working in Food Service just texted me letting me know that her boyfriend has gotten a job at BOG! She told me two things: They are opening to the public in late November. So that should help with narrowing down what "Holidays 2012" means. It is NOT a character...
  6. jagiord1

    Need help with planning a trip!

    I am planning a three day trip down to WDW, and I am debating going down in either October or February. I've never visited durning October, so I was wondering what crowds are like? I CP'd from January to June, so I know February is pretty dead. Any advice on when to go?
  7. jagiord1

    BoG Update Expected Tomorrow!!

    In today's 'All in the Details' Jennifer announced that tomorrow more details will be released about be our guest!! Here's the link to the awesome update, featuring new lighting in Fantasyland...
  8. jagiord1

    Disney Parks App Update

    So I just got a notification to update my Disney Parks App on my iPhone. Included in this update were new maps of Magic Kingdom and California Adventure. The Magic Kingdom map added the full Dumbo and the Casey Jr. Water area to the map. Updating the map must mean soft openings are about to...
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