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  1. skellitterixx

    MNSSHP Questions

    Hey there! Does anyone know what special characters are coming out for MNSSHP? And their times? Preferably Tarzan or Hercules? Guardians even? :) Can't wait to go tomorrow night!
  2. skellitterixx

    Valentine's Day!

  3. skellitterixx

    Valentine's Day!

    Do the parks do anything special on Valentine's Day? :) going with my honey Friday!
  4. skellitterixx

    Tarzan/Hercules meet-and-greets?

    I know they seem very unlikely, but maybe I'm just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Any ideas? :) Or any new character M&G's lately?
  5. skellitterixx

    "Frozen" Anna and Elsa meet and greets going away?
  6. skellitterixx

    The cold never bothered me anyway.

    The cold never bothered me anyway.
  7. skellitterixx

    "Frozen" Anna and Elsa meet and greets going away?

    I know that they're in the Norway pavilion right now, but I read somewhere that they are leaving January 4th :( I hope they aren't, I'm still under Black Out dates...
  8. skellitterixx

    MOVING TO ORLANDO FOR UCF (Rosen College, not main campus)...Apartment Help Anyone?

    ooooh, more Knights!!!! Exciting!!! Hello, fellow Knight :)
  9. skellitterixx

    Other Hobbies?

    Only the compound.... :D
  10. skellitterixx

    Favorite disney princess?

    Aurora, Tiana, and Belle <3
  11. skellitterixx

    Starbucks at WDW

    Wait, now they're getting rid of Caseys? D: NO STOP
  12. skellitterixx

    Starbucks at WDW

    If someone could just help me find out where they're stashing those delicious apple turnovers, I'd be fine with Starbucks moving in. Until then D:
  13. skellitterixx

    Is the Keys to the Kingdom tour worth it?

    Dagnabbit D:! Better start saving up, nothing's too out of reach for the folks ;)
  14. skellitterixx

    Is the Keys to the Kingdom tour worth it?

    So you have to buy the 90 something dollar pass, then on top of that pay the 75 for the tour?
  15. skellitterixx

    Disney property in Lake County

    I'm a Lake County resident, and although I get a tiny bit offended by saying "WTH is there anyways", I must agree with you.. there is NOTHING HERE. I heard though, that good Ol' Walt back in the day went under an assumed name and tried to purchase a mass amount of land in Umatilla, but was...
  16. skellitterixx

    Is the Keys to the Kingdom tour worth it?

    Definitely thinking about surprising my parents with this for Christmas this year.. Do you have to have a regular park admission pass to do it though?
  17. skellitterixx


    LOVE this game!!!! We played it on the Disney bus for 30 minutes :D
  18. skellitterixx

    Not So Scary Halloween

    Thank you all so much!!! Do you know if there are freewalking characters or lines? :)
  19. skellitterixx

    Not So Scary Halloween

    My friend is really wanting me to go with him this year. I haven't been since I was little. I had a HORRIBLE time at the Villians party at hollywood. The crowds were atrocious (they had to direct us to epcots parking) I'm a passholder so I've faced crowded parks before no problem-except last...
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