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  1. DisneyFreak529

    Go Yankees!

    WHOOO 15-1 Go A-Rod, nice grandslam!
  2. DisneyFreak529

    Valentines Day Stories!!

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! My husband & I meet on a blind date 7 years ago on Valentines day. Now we are married & this is our 2nd Valentines Day together as a married couple. In the season of Valentines Day why don't we share of our best Valentines day! Mine was 2003, our 4th Aniversary as...
  3. DisneyFreak529

    Phantom of the Opera

    "The Phantom of the Opera," is opening Wednesday at Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady and running all the month of February My loving Husband got us tickets for Saturday's Show. He is taking me for my birthday! I am soo excited!!! :wave:
  4. DisneyFreak529

    I'm Home!

    Hello guys, We're home! I posted a few of my favorite photos on my photo site. Check out my photos if you want! I did find SGE a little bit disappointing. I did enjoy Soarin but I didn't think it was worth the hour I...
  5. DisneyFreak529

    Leaving on a jetplane

    I'm leaving for Florida tomarrow! Can't wait to see xmas at WDW! Wish me a good flight! I will miss you guys! No online in condo. :cry:
  6. DisneyFreak529

    OMG 2 Days!

    I leave the 4th! I'm soo excited! First Christmas trip for all of us!
  7. DisneyFreak529

    Aerosmith & Lenny Kravitz

    4 Days tilll my husband & I see :sohappy: Aerosmith & Lenny Kravitz! :sohappy: We have FLOOR SEATS! Any one here fans?
  8. DisneyFreak529

    Thanksgiving card!! Happy Thanksgiving!!
  9. DisneyFreak529

    Did you watch Family guy tonight!! LOL

    Did you watch family guy!! It was soo funny!! :D
  10. DisneyFreak529

    Funny Photo!

    I love Disney & Mickey. I did find this photo funny. ** Link removed because of other stuff on site! **
  11. DisneyFreak529

    I quit my job!

    No more dog washing for me at that hell hole Petsmart!
  12. DisneyFreak529

    Disney Pumpkins

    Does any one have a pattern of Mickey Mouse for pumpkin carving. Does any one know were I can get a kit. I couldn't find one in the Disney store either. :)
  13. DisneyFreak529

    Do you have a Tattoo??

    I don't have one yet, but I would like a plain small black Mickey Icon on my hip. Like a hidden Mickey kind of. I know it might sound crazy. Any one here have tattoos, of anything? Doesn't have to be Disney related.
  14. DisneyFreak529

    Have you seen Corpse Bride??

    Ok so this Saturday night my husband & I went to see Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. I'm a really big Tim Burton fan & an even bigger Johnny Depp fan. I'm really disappointed in this movie! It was only an hour long & the story plot was really weak & the songs were corny! I wanted to see this...
  15. DisneyFreak529

    My new personal plates!!

    I got my new plate for my car! I'm soo happy the 29 is my wedding aniversary. May 29th. Disney, well I love Disney!!
  16. DisneyFreak529

    Disney Visa Cedit card holders question

    My husband has a Disney Credit card. Does any one know if there is a specail photo section in WDW like there is in Disneyland were credit card holders get specail group photos with charaters? I am going to call the number, but I was thinking I would check here frist.
  17. DisneyFreak529

    New Avator!!

    Yippie I got my new avator up, I made it my self! Yippie skippie!!
  18. DisneyFreak529

    Out of gas?

    Has any one else heard that a couple little towns out side ATLANTA have run out of gas? I just had a friend of mine on another forum tell me this just a few minutes ago. Does any one know if this is true?
  19. DisneyFreak529

    Psychic in Salem knows all!

    So my mother & sister in laws & I went to Salem! It was soo much fun. My sister in law & I saw a psychic! She described my husband to a tee, she knew I was going to florida & she told me that I will have a baby boy with in two years. All she had on here was a deck of cards & our dates of...
  20. DisneyFreak529

    Great Movie Ride??

    I hate to be one of those memebers that ask a silly question. So I'm sorry if this topic has been talk about before. Does any one know if the Great movie ride is open and will be open December 2005? I went to WDW 2 years ago and it was closed. I know we talked about this before but, does...
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