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  1. DisneySaint

    Flights of Wonder show going dark for 1 month, Oct 5-Nov 5 2015

    I guess Guano Joe will have to find new work for a month...
  2. DisneySaint

    Avatar's first sequel delayed until late 2017

    Brutal for Disney. I mean, Avatar Land is going to be beautiful, well done, etc. but does anyone actually care about the Avatar intellectual property any more? It's a 6 year old movie. By the time the land opens it will be nearly 8 years old. I can see how the sequel will reinvigorate it but...
  3. DisneySaint

    Monthly Annual Pass cancelation

    Like a poster above said, check the terms of the contract. Personally I would just stop paying, though. The pass will obviously cease to work but at least you don't have to pay. And if Disney wants to send you to collections let them. It's not like it's going to show up on your credit report.
  4. DisneySaint

    Haunted Mansion closing for refurbishment in December and Yankee Trader refurb extended

    Terrific news! My trip was the 13-19 so I was going to miss it AND Pirates on the 17th (my only day in the MK and that happens to be the 1 refurb day) so at least I'll get one of them in.
  5. DisneySaint

    One day Pirates of the Caribbean closure for refurbishment

    This is the EXACT day I was going to Magic Kingdom. Haunted Mansion now this ... ughhhh
  6. DisneySaint

    Remains of Snow White?

    Most props from defunct attractions are literally scattered all over the property in the weirdest places. You should have seen some of the stuff that's in The Land pavillion.
  7. DisneySaint

    Does anyone have inside knowledge on huge lines for Guest Relations?

    This is something I personally took the initiative to do when I was there! I'm sure it's part of the normal operation now, however. And indeed many times people "prefer" to stand in the line. For example, on New Years Eve obviously every restaurant has been booked for months and we even have...
  8. DisneySaint

    Does anyone have inside knowledge on huge lines for Guest Relations?

    Hey there LucyK, Based on the popularity, I'd say so. I worked at Epcot which had the biggest benefit to the translators as it had the most things "translatable." Here is a link to an example of which attracions utilize the DSTs. I can't imagine going to Disneyland Paris or HKDL and not being...
  9. DisneySaint

    Does anyone have inside knowledge on huge lines for Guest Relations?

    I guess I'm "close" to inside knowledge having worked GR from 2007-2009, but I'll try to shed some light... There are, I'd say, two things that take up 75% of a GR CM's job: dining reservations and Disney Show Translators ("DSTs"): 1) The amount of people making same-day dining reservations...
  10. DisneySaint

    Nasty incident outside Club Cool at Epcot tonight

    My favorite part of this whole post. Big fight in the middle of Epcot? Better go have some Beverly.
  11. DisneySaint

    GAC to Become DAS

    Guy needs a DAS to bypass his mother, not queues.
  12. DisneySaint

    GAC to Become DAS

    Disney doesn't "cater" to people with disabilities. That's the crux of this entire issue. What Disney does is try to provide equal access to everyone. That's the difference.
  13. DisneySaint

    GAC to Become DAS

    They are in for a world of pain in the GR Lobby.
  14. DisneySaint

    Disney Hong Kong to get Iron Man Ride...

    Maybe this ride will simulate what it'd be like for Florida to get substantial new attractions.
  15. DisneySaint

    Carousel of Progress Minor Refurb in 2014

    The neccessity for a CoP refurb (more specifically, for an overhaul of the final scene) has never been higher. When the scene was re-worked in the mid 90s it illustrated a not-so-distant future where evidently our grandmothers were playing Star Fox 64 on Virtual Reality for some reason. All...
  16. DisneySaint

    CM Ride Assignment ?'s

    In my experience saying you were good at something, etc. had no bearance on where you ended up. I always recommend, however, to mention special interests in the interview - it doesn't hurt to say it.
  17. DisneySaint

    If they get stuck?

    This is an old thread but IIRC each tower which connected the tracks contained a ladder and the track could be manually advanced, so I assume in the worst-case scenario folks could get down that way.
  18. DisneySaint

    Tangled restrooms opening date

    Finally I can poop like a princess.
  19. DisneySaint

    Kodak sponsorship with Disney Parks to end this year

    Funny you say that because 99% of those (and I noticed this especially when I was in the park last week) are so ridiculously obvious. Like do I really need you to give me a tip to take a picture of the castle?
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