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  1. Scuttle

    Adios Fast and Furious

    Fast and Furious is closing for good soon. This could be the biggest flop in Universal history. Especially considering the following that franchise had.
  2. Scuttle

    Iger dodges real investor questions I didn't know where to post this unless I started a thread (I hate starting new threads)... very interesting and quick read for those that care. Maybe this what...
  3. Scuttle

    (Rumor) Harry Potter being added to express pass

    It seems to be that UO wants to end the maintenance nightmare that is EPA. In doing so they will add Harry Potter to the express pass lineup. Note: this is a rumor, albeit from a credible person, but still a rumor.
  4. Scuttle

    Universals Early Morning Admittance to be discontinued

    EPA will be ending the 18ththia month. Just a heads up for future travelers.
  5. Scuttle

    Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Construction

    Figured I'd start a thread with the construction updates every month or so. I take this way to work so it won't be hard to get updates.
  6. Scuttle

    Staggs promoted to COO

    I guess this cements who will be CEO after 2018.
  7. Scuttle

    Royal Pacific Hallway/Room Refurb

    I'll keep the updates coming as I get more pics. The hallways have started on the sample floor. It's a great improvement.
  8. Scuttle

    Missing employee found in pond at Royal Pacific

    I wasn't sure I even wanted to start a thread about this, but here goes. I was driving to work today and noticed a crime scene with tape and cops and coroners. I had to park in the other lot. Anyway a housekeeping employee went missing nearly three weeks ago. Her car and body were found today in...
  9. Scuttle

    Universal News Special Edition

    Cool special edition of Universal News for Team Members. I figured I'd share.
  10. Scuttle

    Electrical outlets around WDW

    I figured I'd start a thread about people reporting where they have found outlets around the world. Since we all depend on our phones so much , especially with all this mymagic FP+ stuff, I figured it'd be cool to have people report where are some good spots. This is more for obscure places...
  11. Scuttle

    Loews Royal Pacific Fire

    Tower one has caught fire and been evacuated, but thankfully it was controlled to one room and no one was hurt, but the sprinkler system has created a flood and it's a disaster right now! Anyone coming to RPR beware.
  12. Scuttle

    Halloween Horror Nights Review

    Overall I liked it a lot. Not my favorite in the past 5 years, but still good. The walking dead theming I thought was pretty solid. Mark it here La Llorona is the sleeper of all the houses. and Now for all you HP nuts HHN this year gives great backstage views of the Hogwarts Express track...
  13. Scuttle

    Where to buy D23 magazine at WDW

    Does anyone know where and if they sell D23 magazine at WDW. I know I remember reading about how d23 was going to subscribers only, but can you get d23 mag anywhere on property?
  14. Scuttle

    Hogwarts Express Backstage Photos

  15. Scuttle

    Cabana Bay Amenities Update

    *early admission to parks *complimentary shuttle buses and walking paths *complimentary delivery of merchandise from parks *complimentary transportation to seaworld/wet n wild/aquatica *NO free express pass *NO water taxis *NO priority seating for dining *multiple pools with slides *game...
  16. Scuttle

    Harry Potter 2 Aerials

    Chopper Dan recently went up for a birds eye view. It's looking good!:)
  17. Scuttle

    Transformers opening date announced

    I've gotten word that Transformers will be opening Memorial Day weekend.
  18. Scuttle

    Epcot effects status update

    The dog is back at Living with the Land and the giant wheel in SSE (the printing press scene) is still down. At this point I have given up hope that it will ever work again and I fear it has gone the way of the Yeti. Also the anglerfish was down in Nemo as well. Figured I'd give you'll an...
  19. Scuttle

    Article about Zebras and Kilimanjaro Safaris
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