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  1. stalkingmickey

    Changing a R/O reservation with a discount

    I have reservations 8-30 to 9-11. I have the bounce back offer. If I need to change my check in dates to 9-3 will I be able to?
  2. stalkingmickey

    Best FP+ stategy for 7DMT

    I will be coming up on my 60 day booking. I want to make sure I have a 2 FP+ for the 7DMT ride for at least two days :happy: . Should I just book that 1 FP for the MK for each day to secure them as early as possible and then go back to make my additional 2 selections? Or should I just pick the...
  3. stalkingmickey

    Passholders, Saturday nights will never be the same.

    Got an email just now with this info below: Annual Passholders, mark your calendar for Saturday nights this summer where you can enjoy an all-new, never-before-seen, immersive experience. Look for more details soon, because the grandest tales and tastes of Africa are going to come alive like...
  4. stalkingmickey

    Ice/Norway 2015 cruise Lets discuss our trip plans

    Since a lot of us here at wdwmagic are going on this cruise (yes me included beyond excited :happy:) I figured this is a great way for us to discuss our air fares, port adventures or self sight seeing places ect. We could probably all use a place to chat since we have 459 days til our trip. My...
  5. stalkingmickey

    A few booking questions?

    Ok. So I booked a place holder cruise in Sept when we cruised on the Dream. I will be re-booking once the 2015 summer dates come out :) 1. will I be able to pick my stateroom on this type of booking? On my Sept cruise I was not able to pick but ended up loving the room I got!!:inlove: 2. If I...
  6. stalkingmickey

    IllumiNations Sparkling Dessert Party

    I am so excited they added this to Epcot. I have voided the show for years because I hate the crowds that develop when it ends and having to find a good spot way before the show!!! I scored a reservation for my Sept trip. I had to call to book it.
  7. stalkingmickey

    Illuminations and dinner

    i know there is no specific dinner package so what places to eat dinner and be able to see fireworks and how to time this?
  8. stalkingmickey

    Help with Hotel choice

    I am heading to Disney in Sept and plan on going to Universal for 2 or 3 days (know espcially with the 2nd harry potter area) so I was considering staying at one of the Universal hotels. I noticed none have any balconies. This does not appeal to me. I have stayed at Disney at the POLY, AKL, BC...
  9. stalkingmickey

    trying to plan around 2014 NOJ dates

    So I have seen 2014 NOJ dates and they look like they will fall on the end of our trip we also go down the Friday of labor day weekend and stay until the following Monday...So to try and plan around this i have a few questions. 1. does this just affect MK or are there events at all four parks...
  10. stalkingmickey

    any new resort construction coming?

    We are going first week in Sept. We just got back from the Beach Club and the club lounge is very small. The CM told me they were doing an expansion of the lounge. Does anyone know when this expansion is happening? Are they also expanding the Yacht club lounge? that was a little bigger but not...
  11. stalkingmickey

    was given grey bands

    On our trip in Sept we stayed 1 night before our cruise and were given grey bands from the BC after the cruise we stay at AKL and were given another set of grey bands we ended up buy AP and going back in Jan and I was hoping to order a colored bands We go back again in Jan to the BC and from...
  12. stalkingmickey

    When can I order colored bands

    I have grey ones we got from recent stay when we purchased AP. They are linked with our grey band but I want to order colored ones. we are going back again in January just have not booked hotel yet will I have to wait until we book our hotel (beach club)
  13. stalkingmickey

    Quickest route from Disney to Port

    I have GPS but was curious if any regulars of florida residents know the quickest way to get from Disney to port on a Sunday at 8 am and then back to Disney on a Thursday probably 8 am....thanks
  14. stalkingmickey

    Wi-Fi prices on the Dream

    I am looking to see if anyone has the exact price they charge for the Wi-Fi on the Dream going to Nassua and CC? I know it probably is not cheap but I was hoping to nail down a specific price.
  15. stalkingmickey

    First cruise in 5 days a few last minute questions....

    How does the booking process work for booking your next cruise before you get off the boat? i know this is the best way to get a discount but How far out can I book and if I pick lets say a 2014 cruise in Sept can I change that to a 2015 cruise in Sept? what is the cancellation policy? how...
  16. stalkingmickey

    14 days to go should I do magic band

    I haven't even bought tickets yet but only will be buying two day hopper passes. I have read mixed reviews on using the bands and taking time out of their vacation to fix the bugs. IDK I am do divided on this!!!!
  17. stalkingmickey

    14 days to go......

    What time does the ship usually pull out of Cape Canaveral? I think I read we get our rooms around 1 or 2 pm so I could be in my room on my veranda with drink in hand while we pull out of port?? I know there is a mandatory safety meeting when do they usually hold these?
  18. stalkingmickey

    ordering from children's menu

    I often have problems finishing meals when we go out for dinner. How strict is disney about an adult ordering a children's entree?
  19. stalkingmickey

    carry on luggage

    Can someone point me to the carry on luggage guide lines. I am trying to figure out what bags I can put my water and other drinks and snacks in. I didn't see it in the FAQ thread. I am using my backpack for the bottle's of booze but a rolling bag would be more helpful to bring the water on with...
  20. stalkingmickey

    NFL games on Disney Dream & WiFi access

    Hi everyone, We set sail the first Sunday of the NFL season. I am a commish of a Fantasy Football team and would love to be able to catch some of the games. Is there a sports lounge open before the boat set sails. first games are 1pm I assume boat doesn't leave port until about 4pm? Also has...
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