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  1. MiRi

    Adrian at Columbia Harbour House & Capt. Jack Sparrow

    Just got home yesterday from my trip. Adrian at Harbour House was wonderful with us. He went out of his way to make our trip as great as it was. Also, Capt. Jack Sparrow's good friend at Pirate Tutorial (10:15am, Tuesday, June 15) is amazing. It was my second time seeing this person. He was...
  2. MiRi

    Wishes Instrumental

    Since FI and I got engaged during "Wishes", I would like to add the song somewhere in my reception. Does anyone know if there's an instrumental somewhere that I can find? Thanks.
  3. MiRi

    Buying tickets at the Disney Character Warehouse

    Please forgive me if this question has been asked before. I searched but didn't find much. :) I need to buy tickets for WDW, but I am thinking of just buying them at the Disney Character Warehouse at the mall. Do they give you the actual tickets? Or do they give you a card to redeem at the park...
  4. MiRi

    Location: Tower of Terror, CM Name: Aaron

    I was going to ride TOT and we were headed into the Library. The CM working the Library, Aaron was great and was really into his character. We were standing towards the back of the Library. Aaron was standing right next to a friend of mine and was just staring at him from the corner of his eyes...
  5. MiRi

    Walt & Spanish roots?

    I've never read anything mentioning this, but my father-in-law (who does read a lot about different things and he knows a lot about things) told me that Walt was of Spaniard descent. Is this true or was he misinformed? Thanks.
  6. MiRi

    Short Report w/ Pics 2/1-2/4

    Just got back from WDW today. Here's the link to our pics. Two of my favorite pictures... ******************************************************* I went on Everest for the first time. It was amazing what they did with it. The...
  7. MiRi

    Directions to WDW from Best Western Lakeside

    I can't find any good directions to WDW from Best Western Lakeside. According to the Best Western website, the hotel is about 1 mile or so from the WDW gate, but on Map Quest, they send me like 7 miles away. I am confused. :brick: Can anyone please give me directions to the nearest WDW gate...
  8. MiRi

    Capt. Jack Sparrow out and about?

    I haven't been to WDW in almost a year. Is Capt. Jack out for meet & greets regularly at the MK? Is he usually right by POTC? I'll be there soon and I wanted to know. Thank you!
  9. MiRi

    Lake Suites/Palms Hotel/HoJo Enchanted Land

    I have been reading user reviews about the following hotels, but we all know that some people exaggerate and whatnot. I want to know if anyone has been to these hotels and how did was your stay there? • Lake Suites Hotel • The Palms Hotel (Lexington) • Howard Johnson Enchanted Land Please let...
  10. MiRi

    Park Tickets

    Where else can I get park tickets? I know that I can get tickets in the Contemporary, but I am not sure if they'll let us park just to buy tickets. I am staying at the Comfort Suites Maingate. Do they sell park tickets there? The thing is that I want to...
  11. MiRi

    Disney Direct Halloween Costumes

    I have a question on the costumes that Disney Direct offers. I am looking at buying the adult Minnie costume. Does anyone know if they run small? I am a XL but just want to make sure before I buy it. Thanks.
  12. MiRi

    Disney character gallery website

    I remember there was a link to a website posted here that had a gallery of pictures of Disney characters in the park. It's not this link. It had tons of characters on it. The galleries are in categories (Princesses, Heroes, etc). You click on a category and then it shows you links to...
  13. MiRi

    Pictures 9/3/ & 9/4 (some are also from USF & IOA)

    Pictures & Short Trip Report 9/3/ & 9/4 (some are also from USF & IOA) I am too tired right now to type up an entire report. Tomorrow I will try to type one up for ya. Here are the pics:
  14. MiRi

    Universal Studios First Timer

    I am going to US on Saturday. I have only been to Islands of Adventure, but never to Universal. 1. I am a chicken. I'll do Spider-Man in IOA but not Dr. Doom. I don't do rollercoasters either...nothing that will flip me over and whatnot. I can deal with drops (I love Dudley Do Right). What...
  15. MiRi

    MiRi's Hurricane Katrina Photos We made it okay. We lost power at my boyfriend's house and got it this afternoon. At my house, we got power yesterday afternoon. The tree in my bf's yard ended up in the canal and took the fence with it.
  16. MiRi

    The best birthday gift ever!

    My birthday is next month and my DBF is pretty bad at figuring out what to get me as a gift. I tell him to get me anything Tink and he says he doesn't know what because he says I have everything already. LOL So, what does he think of doing? Taking me to WDW. He had me call and make...
  17. MiRi

    Miri's Trip Pictures from 7/15-7/18 Here you go. These are combined from two cameras. We stayed at Nick Hotel and spent the 16th at the MK. The 17th, we partied at Pleasure Island to celebrate DL's 50th. Enjoy.
  18. MiRi

    Why was the Noodle Terrace closed?

    I don't know if it just closes early or what, but we had passed by to get dinner at the Noodle Terrace on July 16, but it was closed. I have the worse luck with that place. It's always closed when I go. :confused:
  19. MiRi

    DL Gold Ears

    I have been looking for someone to send me Golden Ears straight from DL but no luck. If anyone can please send me a pair, I will be forever grateful. Of course, I am willing to pay back all the costs, shipping included. All I ask is that if possible, it comes embroidered with "Miri" on it. If...
  20. MiRi

    First Trip Report- 6/26-6/30/2005

    We were at WDW from June 26 thru the 30th (today). Day 1: Arrival, Downtown Disney We arrived around 12ish. We checked into the All Star Music resort. Mom had a surprise gift basket waiting for her from my sister. It had cookies and chocolate. Delicious stuff. We had lunch and then went in...
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