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  1. rreading

    First visit coming up during Covid

    Okay, so we're some of the crazy ones and are going to Orlando during Covid. It's going to be a short trip, and we're hoping that lines will similarly be short so we're thinking about a single day at Universal. We're DVC members and so staying at GF. The questions that I have are: 1...
  2. rreading

    Great article by Robert Iger in Vanity Fair It’s an interesting perspective from someone who feels like he’s wrapping up his time as CEO. It is a fond remembrance and while it makes Iger look good, it also sounds quite honest and jibes with the history we know. His...
  3. rreading

    Space Mountain effects

    I understand and agree that SM needs a track refresh (I would prefer minimal changes so not really a "redo"), and that there are effects not working right. One of those - the red tunnel with the explosion sound - seems to be so persistently off to me that I wonder if its timing is intentional...
  4. rreading

    Attractions needing attention

    Mister Penguin has been really good about having threads which detail the progress of additions to the park. I wonder about someone maintaining a list of the attraction details for each attraction which need work. Essentially the same thing as the Everest status watch but more comprehensive...
  5. rreading

    Park Updates

    So we were recently at the parks and I was surprised to see a number of updates: In Splash Mountain, there used to be a set of buzzing bees in the laughing place? I felt that the laughing place was somewhat foreboding this time. In Pirates, the Mermaid has been removed - no big deal (and I...
  6. rreading

    Navi River Ride capacity

    My understanding of a ride's hourly rider capacity is limited by dispatch time and number of riders per dispatch. If 500 people can board in an hour, then 500 people will disembark over an hour (irrespective of the number of people on the ride). If this is true, then if we hope for a 20s...
  7. rreading

    Candlelight processional narrators

    I'm looking at going to WDW in Dec and the listed narrators seem pretty sparse. How late do they tend to fill in the narrators? Do they ever not fill the dates?
  8. rreading


    I hear chatter on this board about folks grousing that Wishes is a little long in the tooth and needs to be replaced. And then I look at DL and their replacement for RDCT which is now being replaced. We were there this past weekend, and I truly feel that Wishes is a true classic; that it...
  9. rreading

    Fastpass Return

    At WDW with Fastpass Plus the time window for using a FP is apparently pretty well enforced. Previously, it didn't matter when you brought your FP back as long as the initial time had passed. What's the situation at DLR? If we get a FP for RSR for return at 2-3P and we're at the Haunted...
  10. rreading

    Adding days onto existing tickets

    I have two days left on a ticket that was a 10 day no-expiration. I understand that more days could be added to existing tickets; is that still true? Does anyone know whether it is more cost-effective to do so vs getting another 10 day no-expiration. We tend to take annual 3 day trips so the...
  11. rreading

    BW vs WL vs DVC AKL - Jambo vs Kidani?

    We have a reservation for BW in Aug...but the last time to WDW we stayed at BCV and while it was great to walk through the international gateway for a measure of convenience (and particularly after the fireworks, to walk back). HOWEVER, I grew up visiting EPCOT via monorail and felt like I...
  12. rreading

    Bus Loops

    We're looking at planning an upcoming trip through DVC and trying to figure out the transportation options. Clearly Bay Lake, like the Contemporary has the Monorail/Walking to MK options; and Wilderness Lodge has the boat to MK. Boardwalk and the Beach Club have walking and boat rides as...
  13. rreading

    Disney Holiday Must-Sees?

    We'll be there with our 6 and 2 year old this christmas for a short trip. We are DVC members but usually don't have the opportunity to go during Christmas and plan to have more of a holiday trip this time. We're doing MVMCP, and we're considering visiting the resorts to see the decor...
  14. rreading

    Is Star Tours 2 a Bust?

    At least in WDW? I was reading a trip report on a different website with referenced a surprisingly brief wait for the ride - and right now apparently there's only a 24 min wait at this peak hour in a peak season. Apparently it's doing well in its prominent location in Disneyland. But if...
  15. rreading

    Breakfast at Epcot areas?

    Our upcoming trip, we are staying at the Beach Club Resort, and for one of our meals, we plan on eating at the Cape May Cafe. But on the other days, we are going to be more interested in quick service breakfasts, preferably before we venture into the parks. Previously, we have stayed at WL...
  16. rreading

    DL vs WDW for Holidays?

    We're annual travelers to WDW and love it, but recently took a trip to DL and enjoyed it nearly as well. We're looking at an early Dec trip to avoid crowds, but wonder if anyone has a perspective as to whether the holiday experience is better at one or the other resorts? Thanks in advance!
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