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  1. bluesnut

    Seasonal vs part time

    I have a question about the different options. I have applied for merchandise seasonal. We are moving down there in two weeks but we aren't selling out up north, just in case. :o Can you make seasonal as "full time" as you want? Or is it really hit and miss as far as hours? Would I be...
  2. bluesnut

    Food and wine seminar question

    I'm sorry if this has been gone over but I searched and couldn't find anything. I wanted to know if they were letting us pre-book the beverage seminars like last year? And if annual passholders were getting a discount again this year? I originally didn't like the pay idea last year. But...
  3. bluesnut


    Is CoP still seasonal? I have been trying to find something on the net about it but nothing recent. We are planning a Christmas time trip and was hoping it would be open.
  4. bluesnut

    Just got...

    Just got my proxy... Just got my proxy in the mail today. I am ready to send in my vote. Now should we vote no on all re-elections or should we write in the names of the ones that outlines. PS On a side note... This Disney Visa has me p***** off. It seems that every...
  5. bluesnut

    Riverside Question

    I was just wondering if the man who did the evening entertainment in the lounge still worked there? We used to love to listen to him while we had a coke and wound down for the evening. If it is the same guy he is a spectacular entertainer.:)
  6. bluesnut

    Cruise Line

    I was wondering. My family and I have never been on a cruise before. I was wondering if people could tell me their opinions of cruises and what they thought of the Disney cruise. I am especially worried about sea sickness. Not the kind from lots of movement but the kind from very subtle...
  7. bluesnut


    This may have been covered before but I am new so bear with me. I was wondering how many people have had to be emergency exited from a ride over the years and your stories. Now I don't mean that you got sick and they had to take you off or someone else did. I mean something happened on the...
  8. bluesnut

    Live 365

    I just wanted to let everyone out there know about this cool site. It is It is a streaming media website. People have set up radio stations of different music. My favorite station is called "Florida Project Radio" This is a channel that plays all WDW park music. From the...
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