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  1. Teenchy

    Any Sales figures for SS & AKL DVC ??

    Seeing the progress of the unannounced, non-existing :animwink: Contemporary DVC has me wondering if anyone knows how the sales at SS & AKL DVC's are coming along. I know Disney doesn't want to announce the Contemporary DVC while they are still selling the other 2. Not to mention the real estate...
  2. Teenchy

    New target group to help boost Hong Kong DL

    Did a search didnt see this posted. Article about HKDL new focus on younger more affluent Chinese to help boost attendance. You always think of China as such a huge market for any company but when you read about the incomes of many people you see why they cant afford HKDL not to mention how...
  3. Teenchy

    Food & Wine Festival Details?

    Does anyone know when they are going to release the details on the programs for the food & wine festival? Its seems odd that they have given a date of Aug 6th as the date you can start to make reservations but it doesnt seem they have released any of the details on programs and classes and...
  4. Teenchy

    Dole Whip at home

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before, Tried to search...but of course there are too many Dole Whip threads! Got this link courtsey of Tikiman. If you have a soft serve machine at it up!
  5. Teenchy

    A little new news on Song of the South

    Here is a new article about the slight chance that Disney may finally consider releasing Song of the South. Click the link below. Fingers crossed....but not holding my breath. Gone with the Wind is...
  6. Teenchy

    Launch of Spectrobes and

    Here are two interesting articles about 2 new Disney launches. Spectrobes Arrives on Earth -- Disney Interactive Studios' Highly Sought Nintendo DS(TM) Video Game Now Available at Retail Stores Worldwide The wait has finally ended for one of the most anticipated original Nintendo DS...
  7. Teenchy

    Article about Iger and Disneys growth

    Here is an interesting article from Motley Fool about Iger and Disneys growth since he took over. Fool on the Street: Eye of the Iger By Rick Aristotle Munarriz March 7, 2007 Here at The Motley Fool, we believe that individual investors should have the same access to information that Wall...
  8. Teenchy

    Disney not to build in Bahrain, but Shanghai?

    See the article attached.
  9. Teenchy

    Brad Rex V.P. of Epcot/Update

    Deb Wills of allearsnet interviewed Brad Rex VP of Epcot. Although there isnt a lot of new news, still confirmations of several things we know and things to come. See link below.
  10. Teenchy

    Disney Brick

    Are you still able to purchase a Disney brick with name, date, etc. I thought that had stopped a couple of years ago, but on my last visit I saw one with a March 2006 date. If you can, does anyone have a link or number you call to buy one. I know about the leave a legacy at EPCOT...but I hate...
  11. Teenchy

    Our Surprise WDW Wedding

    Here is a link to the trip report of our incredible WDW SURPRISE wedding!
  12. Teenchy

    Surprise WDW Wedding

    I took Luna99's idea and decided to start my own thread about the Surprise Wedding my fiance and I are having at WDW in December. I know all you WDW nuts will love to hear about the details that we have planned and later I will let everyone know how it all turned out. Since none of our...
  13. Teenchy

    New Hess/car care center possible CARS themeing?

    I was just reading about the new Hess car care center that is going to be built with "approved WDI theming". And was thinking would they tie in a CARS theming idea? Has construction begun or anyone have any idea what the real plan is? I'm not sure if they would put that much theming ($$) into...
  14. Teenchy

    Contemporary VP Suite

    Has anyone stayed in the VP suite at the Contemporary? Or have any pictures or links? I have looked at all the usual places like, etc. I have been unable to find many pictures of the suites or reviews. They are high $$ and would love to see something before I book one.
  15. Teenchy

    Disney doing well with itunes

    Sorry I did a search but could not find is someone has already posted this news. See the link below seems that Disney & itunes are off to a good start, of course if its successful others will follow.
  16. Teenchy

    Voices of Liberty singer filling in for top Christian music group

    Since Night of Joy is right around the corner I thought I would mention that Jennifer Thigpen a singer from the Voices of Liberty in Epcot is filling in for one of the singers of the group Avalon. For those who are not familiar, Avalon is one of Christian musics top groups. A member of their...
  17. Teenchy

    Free Dining Plan causing WDW to make changes

    Sorry if this is old news but just passing along information sent to me by Tikiman about how the Free Dining Plan is affecting WDW. Although it sounds like headaches for us guests but it sure seems like the promotion is working! With the free dining plan things have not been so...
  18. Teenchy

    Anyone notice "For the Birds" in Cars movie?

    I just saw Cars last night and loved it. But I was wondering if anyone else saw the very quick glimps of the Pixar short film "For the Birds" sitting on the wire as Mack hits the road to California with McQueen. For those not familiar Pixar always does a short film before their movies, i.e...
  19. Teenchy

    Article about Disney selling land

    Here is an intersting article about Disney selling off some fo its land
  20. Teenchy

    Nemo and Friends detail

    I just read another update about the Nemo & Friends addition as well as an update on todays events at EE. They mention "Clam-mobiles" to ride on the new Nemo attraction. Looks like our old sea-cabs will be a little different. Hopefully not to cheesy.
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