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    Rides coming out of the Fox Deal

    Does anyone have any ideas of what rides might come to WDW through the deal?

    Water park shoes question!

    Can you wear waterpoof shoes in the water parks and on the rides?

    WDW Lego Castle

    Anyone else got one? , we just finished ours after 4 days, its very cool!

    Typhoon Lagoon - Getaway Glen Umbrellas

    Hey folks, anyone use this at Typhoon Lagoon before? Anyone got pictures?

    Lego Store @ Disney Springs

    Does anyone know why Lego still has a store at Disney Springs? I was just thinking with there own park why they still are there? Anyone know?

    Trip Report The we got engaged and went character nuts report!

    Well we are sadly back home now but boy did we have an amazing time! I am just getting started on the trip report but for the first time ever we went at Christmas! (I Have been loads to WDW but my now fiance has never been and I have never been at Christmas!!!! So on with the show....

    Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party Tickets

    Hey all, little confused by this so hope you can help! I got us tickets to the party online and I have a reservation number. I think this is going to be linked to our magic band but how do we get into the party if that makes sense? Do I need to take the reservation number? Thanks for your help!

    Pre-Trip Our Very Merry Christmas Engagement Trip!

    It is finally a week to go and we have all our plans set! We are heading off from Edinburgh next Saturday 6th December to Gatwick then on to Orlando! We have been both waiting for this holiday all year (we were meant to be going in July), and it is my girlfriends first time out of Europe...

    Proposing at WDW

    On our holiday in December I am wanting to propose to my GF in the Magic Kingdom is there is any special things anyone knows about you can organise to make it extra special, or does anyone have any neat ideas?
  10. C.FERNIE

    Going in The Beginning of December...Tips and Ideas

    Hey everybody! Going to be going in the first week of December and never been at this time before! What is it like? Any special things to do or tips?
  11. C.FERNIE

    Typhoon Lagoon - Future Plans?

    Typhoon Lagoon is my fav water park, anyone know of any plans to expand it? or anyone know of any plans that were shelved?
  12. C.FERNIE

    Disney in July (after the 4th)

    Hey everyone! Were heading to WDW on July 14th, I know this is a very busy time! Does anyone have any tips or advice for this time of year?
  13. C.FERNIE

    Whats your favourite WDW/ Disney Documentary?

    Hey Folks what is your favorite WDW documentary? I think mine is probs the travel Channels one! How about yours? any obscure one's lol?
  14. C.FERNIE

    Germany Pavillion at Epcot

    Does anyone have any detailed concept art or ride plans for the planned ride that never happened for Germany? Anyone think they will ever build anything there?
  15. C.FERNIE

    My Disney Experiance Website Login

    Hey all, I'm in the UK (not sure if that has something to do with the problem), but I can not for the love of me log into the Walt Disney World Website... it just keeps asking me to update my name and I do that then it says an error please click done, which i do and then i just keep going round...
  16. C.FERNIE

    Disney Dinning Plan Platinum???????

    I was looking into the dinning plans for next year on the walt disney world website and then I went looking at restaurants and I was thinking of going to Victoria and Alberts, the only dinning plan they accept is the platinum plan, but I can't find any information about it? Anyone know what it...
  17. C.FERNIE

    Disney Classic Movies With The Numbers on the side

    Does anyone have an accurate list of the Disney classic movies with the numbers on the spine of the DVD? every list I get something is different! thanks for your help!
  18. C.FERNIE

    Disney Parks and The Movies In Them!

    Hey All, My Girlfriend and I are going to WDW next year but she has just about not seen any of the classic movies so I have made a list of ones that go with the parks and rides and was wondering if I missed any important ones? Magic Kingdom: Winnie The Pooh The Movie Toy Story 1, 2 and...
  19. C.FERNIE

    The Dress Rehearsal New Fantasy Land Holiday Report 2012 Ooooo lol

    Welcome folks to a very short report on our recent vaction and the dress rehearsal of the new fantasyland!
  20. C.FERNIE

    YeHaa Bob at Port Orleans in Walt Disney World

    I just watched a video on youtube.... and i was wondering if anyone has seen YeHaa Bob and whats the setup like... can you get food, can you reserve etc! (i didnt watch all the video cause i think i want to go see it!) and also can you get a boat from saratogo springs to Port Orleans? Thanks in...
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