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  1. petersenjp

    Sorry if I took your reservation last night...

    So a very interesting thing happened last night, and this turns out to be a "tech issue".... I was booking my dining reservations last night. I logged into the site, searched for Garden Grill. Found an open time. When I clicked the open time, it took me to another page, not the reservation...
  2. petersenjp

    Late Late Flight In...Anything Open

    I probably know the answer to this, but thought I would check. We won't be flying in till 1245am. Is there anything open to eat at this time?
  3. petersenjp

    Its Finally Happened

    Today I woke up at 4am to make sure I would finally get to book Le Cellier, and guess what.....After 6 years of trying, we finally got it booked!!!! And at an actual dinner time!!!! 5:20pm :ROFLOL: Sorry, Just pretty excited to try it, and with no one up here in the house, I had tell...
  4. petersenjp

    90 Days!!!

    So, I searched, and maybe I missed it, but what time does the phone lines open so you can start making ADRs?????
  5. petersenjp

    90 + 10

    Ok, I am confused, so I need a little help on this. My trip start January 6th and ends on the 13th. So with the 90 +10 rule, when could I start making ADRs???? I know, there are many threads about it, today I am just having trouble understanding it!! and....THANKS for your help in advance!
  6. petersenjp

    How should I say thanks?

    My wife and I are going to disney (6 times in 6 years) for the 2010 marathon and our anniversary. Now we were orginally planning on staying 6th-12th, but today she was like, lets go ahead and stay till the 13th! To some, an extra day isn't that much, but to me, any extra time there is...
  7. petersenjp

    So far away but...

    I just booked my 2010 marathon vacation in January!!!!!!!!!! We are staying at Port Orleans French Quarters. So excited. I know when I signed up for the marathon it felt real, but now that we have booked our package, everything seems like "it is really happening" now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111...
  8. petersenjp

    2010 See you There!!!!

    There are many sites out there for the Disney Marathon, and many threads here, but I have to ask, who has already signed up and what races are you running? The only reason why I posted this so early is the Goofey Challenge is over 75% full already, and reg. has only been open for alittle over...
  9. petersenjp

    Alittle Disappointed

    To my surprise a couple of weeks ago, I receive a personal letter from someone in Michigan. Disney had sent our reservation payment info to someone else (no CC information on it). Luckly this person was nice enough to send it back to us. Then, another couple we were traveling with received...
  10. petersenjp


    Our Disney packet came in the mail last night!! So excited!!! With only 29 days left, with holidays, weekends, and time off, I only have 13 days of work left!!!! I can not wait. So i have done the whole, this day I have this, this day i have this, so really I only have 3 complete days of...
  11. petersenjp


    We are flying into Sanford airport from Iowa. Has anyone ever flown into this airport before? Is it difficult to get from there to POR???
  12. petersenjp


    This may have been posted before, but I just need a friday pick me up....If you could by one, and only one Souvenir at Disney, price no option.....what would it be? Any reason for that one selection???
  13. petersenjp

    Can't believe it

    So, my wife, I, and another couple decided to plan a trip to Disney for January 3rd-12th. We will be down there for 9 days!!!! This will be the longest trip of our 3 previous trips (our first one together was our honeymoon). Now we are going back for our 5 year anniversary. Now the other...
  14. petersenjp

    Anniversary Trip

    Good morning!!! My wife and I are planning to have our 5 year Anniversary down at Disney World. We did our honeymoon down there and figured what would be a better way to spend it then back at Disney. Our Anniversary date is Jan 3rd, so we will probably be down there for about 8 days this time...
  15. petersenjp

    Combining Ride Elements

    I was just doing some thinking at work, its a slow day here as you can probably tell, and was wondering, if you could combine elements of two rides, what would it be? Examples: What if on Dinosaur they added the SPLASH of splash moutain at the end or, they used the music of Its a Small...
  16. petersenjp

    Breakfast in Animal Kingdom

    The wife and I just got back from Disney. We go almost every year, and we tried the Tusker House Character Breakfast for the first time. We went with another couple. Neither have kids. But if you do, it is great. The character do a dance with the kids. They bounce around with maracas and...
  17. petersenjp

    beauty and the geek

    This just a random post, but I swear I was standing in the haunted mansion line with Ceci from the old beauty and the geek show. I know, what am I am doing watching that stuff, but I have to say, its addictive after awhile. Well, off to space mountain. Hope everyone is having a great night!
  18. petersenjp

    Collectable Disney Packs

    When I was down at Disney, I found a fun little collectable pack that came with three minature replicas of Disney rides or Characters. At 5 or 6 dollars a pop they are a little pricey, and they a randomly packaged, so you have no clue what you are getting! They came in a yellow, a blue, and a...
  19. petersenjp

    Body Wars

    I maybe beating a dead horse, but does anyone else miss Body Wars? I miss it. Even though it was old technology, it was a classic! This was one "thrill" ride my grandfather could handle, and he absolutely loved it. I know the trend now is bigger faster, pushing people and technology to the...
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