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  1. KanakoS


    So I really liked DisneyQuest when I went to WDW in 1998, 2004, and 2007. I'm really sad they closed it down, and I think Disney has a chance at reviving it. What I did was combine DisneyQuest with 1990s-era Innoventions and come up with "DisneyQuest sponsored by SEGA." So basically a combo of...
  2. KanakoS

    body wars idea when disney buys sega

    "Body Wars could be rethemed so it's now set inside Shadow the Hedgehog, as scientists study how his immune system reacts after he gets a pretty serious splinter." well when i was on body wars in 2004 i pretended we were inside shadow soooooo anyone gonna proofread dis for me (Queue would be...
  3. KanakoS

    kanakos funny things she did at disneyland

    once in 2009, i took a stuffy of yuyuko from touhou on da haunted mansion. when the guy on the ride said "any volunteers" I held out yuyuko n said "yeah uh this one would like to be one" i took a stuffy of toad from mario on mr toads wild ride and for the entire ride talked in the screechy toad...
  4. KanakoS

    Where would a chicken little ride go

    Either WDW or DL idc I tbh love chicken little its a guilty pleasure movie of mine so i would wanna know where a chicken little ride would go Maybe in tomorrowland or at DCA
  5. KanakoS


    how ya doin everybody its me kanako the most hyperactive person on the planet. Im half japanese (US dad and japanese mom) touhou fan since the games first came out in 1997 (you can thank a family visit in japan for it) and lover of coasters and rides since goin on batman at six flags at 7. went...
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