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  1. EnchantedRose

    Child Swap

    Hi Everyone! We have booked a week in October. For the first time we are going with friends. Their youngest will be about 20 months when we go. We have only ever done child swap at Disney and it's been a while since our youngest is 7, how does it work at Universal? Thanks!
  2. EnchantedRose

    Duty free at MCO?!

    I have flown into MCO about a dozen times....and I cannot remember if they have a Duty Free. We are usually just thinking of heading straight to the Magical Express! :D We are flying from LGA to MCO, and would love to pick up a bottle or two of Wine. We are flying Jetblue if that matters...
  3. EnchantedRose

    Disney Magic - NYC

    Hey Everyone! So this morning we bit the bullet and FINALLY booked our first DISNEY CRUISE! How could we say no to crossing that off of my Disney Bucket List when it was leaving from NYC! We don't have to pay for air fare, transfers, hotels, parking...just the cruise! So we are SUPER excited...
  4. EnchantedRose

    Uber and Disney?

    So i am going in two weeks...and plan on using Uber. Has anyone used Uber getting from an off property hotel to Disney park? How was your experience?
  5. EnchantedRose

    Pre-Trip No Kids....did I just say that? Yup - NO KIDS!

    So as you can tell by the title - our trip will be kid-less! & I am taking a bit too much joy in saying that. That is until my two year old yells DINNEY aka Disney! Getting back on track here. My DH and I have been together for 9 years, married for almost 8 and aside from the 3 day trip to...
  6. EnchantedRose

    Illuminations Dessert Party

    So hubby and I are going on our first trip with out our kids! I just booked us the Illuminations Dessert Party.....what do you guys think about it if you have done it? We did the MK Fireworks Dessert in 2013 and LOVED it.
  7. EnchantedRose

    Clarion LBV?

    So the husband and I are planning a BIG trip for January 2016. That being said we have always wanted to get to the Disney just us two. We went once when we were dating for a quick 3 day trip and have always wanted to get back there just the two of us. We love going with our kids - we've taken...
  8. EnchantedRose

    Pre-Trip 7th Trip to Celebrate a 7th Birthday

    I am super excited! Only 41 more sleeps until we head down to the World to celebrate my oldest turning 7...and this will be his 7th trip. 7 in 7....not bad! Our wonderful cast includes myself - a Disney obsessed 31 year old that belts out Disney songs whenever Ig et the chance....and annoy my...
  9. EnchantedRose


    Crazy how airfare can change from one minute to the next....literally!! I have been checking Jetblue's (we love the free bags & extra room) website daily for our plan tickets for the past 2 months....and they were around $290 - $320 for each of us round rip from NYC to Orlando for the specific...
  10. EnchantedRose

    FP+ Help!

    Hi There!:) So I am scheduled to make my FP selections on Monday 8/4! :D This is my 2nd time using the MB and FP+, however the first time was last year when they started rolling them out so I had to wait for the invitation to make my FP+ selections. This time around it's different. My...
  11. EnchantedRose

    Going to that OTHER park! :)

    So I need some help! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! With Diagon Alley opening up today I am DYING to visit the IOA and US. We are going to Disney from 10/3-10/12...Now i can extend my trip by ONE day and leave on 10/2 giving us an additional FULL day in Orlando...and I was actually thinking...
  12. EnchantedRose

    Decorating Magic Bands

    So I was looking Pinterest and saw that some people have started decorating their magic bands. A lot of posts I have founds online have people using nail polish, but the major complaint is that it cracks. I personally would feel that nail polish can look a bit I was thinking of...
  13. EnchantedRose

    Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake ?

    Hello there!! :) So planning for our trip we have a reservation for Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern. Reading menus and other posts - people seem to LOVE the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. I only see it on the lunch menu....however is there anyone that has requested this for dinner and gotten? Just...
  14. EnchantedRose

    Free Dining - here are my ressies!

    So after much anticipation and planning and hoping rumors were true, I finally booked our Fall Free Dining trip! We will be spending 10days/9nights at All Star Sports with Free Dining. We upgraded to Regular Dining plan! The last time we did Free Dining was in 2012 and one thing I ended up...
  15. EnchantedRose

    Which All Star?

    I haven't stayed at an All Star in a few years. Last time it was music. We are planning an Oct 14 trip....hopefully with free dining! Budget purposes, we are planning staying Value and pay to upgrade too the Regular Dining plan from the QSDP. We don't spend too much time in the room so I am...
  16. EnchantedRose

    Tutto Italia or Via Napoli?

    So I need help! I just booked my trip for October (with the rumor of free dining lurking around, I booked ahead just in case) So we are going to be there for my sons 7th birthday (if rumors are true)! It is going to be a surprise (hopefully). I am planning to have a fun lunch for him at...
  17. EnchantedRose

    Help Deciding Resort.

    So we are planning a surprise trip for our sons 7th Birthday in Oct. It will be 4 of us, my husband, the birthday boy, our other son who will be 1.5 by that time, and myself. We stayed POP last November - and while I have always been a fan of POP, never again! It may have been the time we...
  18. EnchantedRose

    Stressed & need to vent

    So we are set to leave for Disney in 8 days! One week from tomorrow we will be getting up at the 3 am to spend 9 magical days in Disney & I'm stressed. I still need to pack :banghead::arghh: I have to shop for toiletries, buy two suitcases, do laundry, pack, boys need hair cuts, I have to do...
  19. EnchantedRose

    Which Miniature Golf course do you prefer?

    So it will be the Hubby's birthday the day we arrive. I already have booked our Wishes Dessert Party for two days after this bday. I also have made a reservation for Dinner the day we arrive - 11/16. We land at MCO at 930am, so I am going to assume we will be checked in and hopefully in our...
  20. EnchantedRose

    Shipping to resort

    So I am prepping things for our trip in 44 days :D:D:D. Our last trip I went on and purchased a few things. I got water and snacks that I won't find at Disney and we wont' be able to get since we don't rent a car. I also got things like Shampoo/Conditioner to avoid the hassle of...
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