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  1. TheAmazingBobbo

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

  2. TheAmazingBobbo

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    I mostly take roller coaster pics as I travel to ride coasters all over the place, but until today, I completely forgot about all the non-coaster pics I took in Florida last year, especially at WDW. Here's the first of hopefully many. (Taken with the Nikon D750. I shoot with both the D750 and...
  3. TheAmazingBobbo

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    5 days... 5 LONG days. Can't wait to return home.
  4. TheAmazingBobbo

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    I'll be arriving at the front gate of the Magic Kingdom just about 1 week from this very moment. First solo trip and I'm super excited.
  5. TheAmazingBobbo

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Just booked my first trip since 2013 and my first-ever solo trip. Picked up photography as a hobby and side gig in 2015, so this will be my first time getting to photograph at the parks and resorts. Couldn't be more excited. Arrival date: 5/30. 81 DAYS
  6. TheAmazingBobbo

    Scariest animatronic in WDW?

    Yes haha! That thing scared the living heck out of me.
  7. TheAmazingBobbo

    Scariest animatronic in WDW?

    Its not the scariest by any means, but there's one specific ghost on the Haunted Mansion that pops up from behind a gravestone and always scares the heck out of me... no matter how much I try to remember where it is and how to prepare for it.
  8. TheAmazingBobbo

    Might be taking a trip in January or February, if I can work it around school and baseball.

    Might be taking a trip in January or February, if I can work it around school and baseball.
  9. TheAmazingBobbo

    totally odd family traditions

    Only one trip was with my family and one other one with my mom, but my group always always always made a pilgrimage to Norway to ride Maelstrom... guess that's one tradition that will be ending :(:(:(
  10. TheAmazingBobbo

    Snakes and other wildlife spotted at Disney.

    Two years ago I was walking from the Contemporary to MK and an armadillo was running right in front of us on the walkway... I tried chasing it into the bushes to get a picture, but it came out blurry. Just surprised me because I had no idea there were wild armadillos running around down there.
  11. TheAmazingBobbo

    When was your first trip to Disney?

    2007. At the time I was coaching high school quizbowl at my alma mater and by virtue of winning our state championship, we won the right to compete as Team Ohio at the Panasonic Academic Challenge, hosted at the Contemporary. We repeated as state champs and as team Ohio in 2008. (We finished...
  12. TheAmazingBobbo

    Disney Resolutions for 2014

    Other than hopefully taking my first trip to DL/DCA (and actually my first ever trip to California itself), I think my resolution would be to slow down in the parks and actually take things in instead of rushing between attractions. There's so many small details that I've missed over the years...
  13. TheAmazingBobbo

    Bus Question

    We're staying at the Best Western at Universal and taking their transportation over to the park. I wanted a car for those two days so we can sidetrack a little bit and stop and see some friends of ours that moved to the area lsat year. Thanks for the advice, we will head to Hollywood Studios...
  14. TheAmazingBobbo

    Bus Question

    We're coming down from August 6-12. We're staying at WDW on the 6th and then again from the 9th-12th. On the morning of the 7th however, we are renting a car at the Dolphin and driving to US and staying there two nights. So my question is, what is the best way to get from All-Star Sports over...
  15. TheAmazingBobbo

    How many days for you - part 8

    Heading down next Tuesday the 6th, staying one night at ASSp, then heading to Universal for two days, then back to ASSp for four more days to close out the trip. Its been far too long, can't wait to see new Fantasyland and Test Track and show my cousin who has never been down there before (or...
  16. TheAmazingBobbo

    What's with the crazy wait times?

    I live in Garfield Heights and work in Eastlake... I can't possibly imagine why you would want to leave our wonderful weather and bustling suburbs for elsewhere :sarcasm: But yeah, I have a platinum pass to CP and its been ridiculously crowded lately, although I get in earlier than most guests...
  17. TheAmazingBobbo

    The Parks Beyond Midnight.

    My first night ever at WDW, we didn't get over to MK until the afternoon and we stayed until it closed at 2am. Its really kind of neat once the park clears out, not only because nearly everything is walk-on, but just the atmosphere is so different. Haven't stayed beyond 12pm since, but would...
  18. TheAmazingBobbo

    Freeze Warning Tonight (2/17 night - 2/18 morning)

    I came down just before Christmas in 2010, and I remember waiting in line for RNR and my weatherbug on my phone said it was 23 degrees out. While I enjoyed myself because I brought a cousin who had never been to WDW before, for me, its not Florida unless its warm to hot out. EDIT: The day we...
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