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  1. Clyde Birdbrain

    DuckTales World Showcase Adventure Announced for Play Disney Parks Mobile App at Epcot
  2. Clyde Birdbrain

    Shanghai Disneyland September 2019 Trip Report & Photos

    My wife and I recently came back from an incredible trip to China of 3 weeks. We flew from Orlando to Beijing (where we saw the Great Wall and Forbidden City) and took trains and internal flights to travel to Xi’an (Terracotta Warriors), Luoyang (Longmen Grottoes), Zhangjiajie (national park...
  3. Clyde Birdbrain

    Video ad playing behind content

    I just had a video ad play full screen behind the page content (on iPad). See the screenshots below. I have only seen this once. After refreshing the page I got a normal ad.
  4. Clyde Birdbrain

    Thoughts about DLP

    We recently returned from 3 days at Disneyland Paris where we rang in the New Year with my family. I grew up in Europe and went to DLP regularly in the 1990s and 2000s, then moved to the Orlando area where I have been an annual pass holder at Walt Disney World. I am very familiar with the...
  5. Clyde Birdbrain

    Fun posters at Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail

    The Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs gets better every year. They seem to be adding new things each time. This year the fences around the trail have fun posters with subtle references to Disney movies and some attractions. I took pictures of each one:
  6. Clyde Birdbrain

    Dining reservations at DLP

    We're going to Disneyland Paris December 29th through 31st with 5 people and it looks like I missed the window to make any dining reservations. The restaurants I was interested in are already booked. I should have looked earlier at the start of the 60-day window, but now it's too late. I really...
  7. Clyde Birdbrain

    Countdown to 2019: 100-Day Number Photo Challenge

    Today marks 100 days until 2019, which is going to be an exciting year at Walt Disney World! For the last months I have been collecting pictures of numbers across the 4 parks and other areas of the resort. Starting today I will post a daily picture of a number, starting with 100 and counting...
  8. Clyde Birdbrain

    Spaceship Earth Evacuation 6 May 2018

    Spaceship Earth broke down yesterday, when we were all the way at the top looking at the picture of Earth on the ceiling. We were stopped exactly at this point: We heard this same spiel about 500 times, or what seemed liked 500 times, until they finally turned the audio off. I didn't keep...
  9. Clyde Birdbrain

    Sunrise at Magic Kingdom live right now

    Disney Parks is streaming the sunrise live right now:
  10. Clyde Birdbrain

    DLP hotels, how many days in advance?

    We're planning to go to Disneyland Paris at the end of December, but I am unable to look for Disney hotels. I can search up to December 24, but when I go after this date I get this error: I am searching for a 3-night stay from December 29th to January 1st. I contacted DLP via Twitter and they...
  11. Clyde Birdbrain

    A Day of IMAGINATION with Tom Morris & Steve Taylor 10/28 in Orlando

    Has anyone heard of this event? It's a 3 hour event on 28 October at the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista with Tom Morris and Steve Taylor. I couldn't find anything about it or the host Keith Gluck on this forum, but it looks interesting. Is...
  12. Clyde Birdbrain

    Pandora will create 1,500 jobs (video)

    Now live on Facebook: "Pandora, in Disney's Animal Kingdom, will create 1,500 jobs... the largest expansion in the theme park's history"
  13. Clyde Birdbrain

    Sonny Eclipse Ascending

    I was at Cosmic Ray's on Sunday when I noticed that Sonny Eclipse was gone. I remember reading about the expansion project, so I assumed that he had been removed or perhaps moved back to Yew Nork. A half hour later I walked by again and saw him playing! How was that possible? I looked up the...
  14. Clyde Birdbrain

    FastPass+ availability with Seasonal Pass

    We bought Seasonal Passes a couple of weeks ago and using the app we can now book FastPass+ 30 days in advance. I have been trying to get a FastPass+ for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and it has never been available for me nor is it available in the next 30 days. Each day I pick says "Standby...
  15. Clyde Birdbrain

    High Frame Rate technology (The Hobbie) great for attractions

    I saw The Hobbit at AMC Disney yesterday in 48 FPS 3D, and I was very impressed. It took me a while to get used to it (it seemed sped up at times, with Bilbo Baggins walking unnaturally fast), but I was blown away by the sharpness of the image. At times I felt like looking through an actual...
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