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  1. Jonathan Dalecki

    Magic bands for admittance, dining, and shopping, but NOT rides...would you buy?

    Inspired by a thread in the Dining Forum regarding whether you need park admission to dine at a park restaurant (you do, obviously), I got to thinking. What if Disney had a special Magic Band that would grant admission to the park and allow you to shop & dine (and enjoy the ambiance) but would...
  2. Jonathan Dalecki

    Disney Dream "Beauty and the Beast" review

    Does anyone remember the David Pumpkins SNL sketch, where one of the beleaguered elevator ride guests asks the cast member "why did you go all in on David Pumpkins?" This show had me asking a very similar question, namely "why did you go all in on the live action Beauty and the Beast?" They...
  3. Jonathan Dalecki

    Auditioning for Disney Cruise Line

    So I tagged a comment onto an old thread about this, but figured a new thread might catch a few more eyes. Anyway, for those of you who follow this sort of thing obsessively (like me), they're putting together a new cast for the Disney Magic for next years cruises, including (based on what they...
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