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    Coronado Springs

    It is a beautiful resort and it is quiet. Each time we have stayed there I have noticed also that most of the guests are adults. I believe that this is because this is one of their conference hotels. It has never been crowded. The buses come quickly and are usually not crowded. The food choices...
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    CB or deluxe

    I have done both resorts many times and the main consideration we have made at time of booking was how much we are willing to pay for the room rate and if there are specials. AKL will run some great specials for a Deluxe Hotel throught out the year and it won't be much more in cost than a...
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    advice on MP3 players

    That is the replacement one my nephew finally got. I dont' know anything about this product (hadn't heard of one before he got his)...but I know he loves his also.
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    advice on MP3 players

    Hey Tramp :wave: I don't know a ton about MP3 players, but I can give you this bit of information. I gave my nephew a Phillips MP3 a few years back and he had tons of problems with it. The MP3 wasn't so much the problem as much as Phillips didn't want to stand behind their product and/or...
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    Dress Code Question and Advise...

    Althought there is not really a dress code for these functions, most people are going to dress up for NYE. It isn't cocktail/suit type dressing up, but more to a party mode type of attire. When we were there for NYE a few years back, I dressed in a nice party outfit (nice top and slacks), my...
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    Happy Holidays to you all!

    Steve, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for all your continued hard work on your outstanding site! :xmas:
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    Most Annoying Cliche

    Ok, mine is a bit different. I am going to post the cliche that I do that drives my family the craziest. I didn't realize that I end alot of sentences with "go with" until my sister pointed it out to me. I say things like..."Do you want to go with". Finally my sister yelled, FINISH THE SENTENCE...
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    Just FYI...I just bought RCT3 at Best Buys last night for 24.99...on sale. (Great Sale!!!) I don't know when it will end, but thought I would mention if anyone is looking for a deal for Christmas.
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    Gucci65's 12/3-12/8 Trip Report

    You know I am interested, but I have just been too busy chatting on the phone with you instead... :lol: :animwink: See you Sunday...looking forward to it!
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    Photos from my past trip and the Meet

    Love the photos Donick. Very cool sunset pictures...really nice. Thanks for sharing... :wave:
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    Off Kilter

    Hey Marie...maybe you should change to "wannabekilted"! :eek: :lol: . I believe she is the most extreme fan they or anywhere.
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    December Meet -- Official pictures, posts, etc.

    I second that thought Mom :eek: :lol: .
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    December Meet -- Official pictures, posts, etc.

    His name is Rich and he came with Belle, but they are only friends. Thought I would chime in, because I had originally wondered the same thing. Whatever their relationship, he is an extremely nice guy and I was glad she brought him along.
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    Happy Birthday Eeyore

    Happy Birthday Eeyore
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AliciaLuvzDizne

    Happy Birthday Alicia :wave: :sohappy:
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    Happy Birthday, DMC-12!!!

    Happy Birthday Jerry :sohappy: :wave:
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    The Get Well Thread for Pam!

    Pam, I don't like to come home to news like this. I am sorry about the car, but glad you are ok...and will this effect your Disney trip? You know I don't want to be hoofing about Disney by myself girl. I don't know if I could stand it if you missed going :cry: , please say you are still gonna...
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    Happy Birthday Maria!!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Maria. Sorry I am a day late, my computer was down yesterday. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Mitzer
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    Happy Birthday Tigsmom!!!

    Bappy Hirthday MAD! :wave:
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