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  1. bgoebel

    bad more disney planning?

    so after a week of being sick, went to doctor and found out have asthmatic bronchitis (lots of meds and inhaler for first time ever). After coughing up a lung again last night woke up to non clean house (don't we all) thus frustration, spilled water all over bills that needed to be sent, and...
  2. bgoebel

    Sanaa or jiko

    Looking to try something new for dinner in animal kingdom area! Do you prefer jiko or Sanaa ? I've looked at menus for both and I know jiko is priced higher per plate so if we decide against dining plan (since now at price it's not as good of a deal) it may become a factor but both sound so good...
  3. bgoebel

    Pirate league and bibbidi bobbidi

    Planning advice ... So my oldest and biggest potc fan is saving her money for pirates league for our trip and the middle child is saving chore money for bibbidi bobbidi. How much time do these experiences take ? If you've done do you recommend doing them at a particular time per day ( so they...
  4. bgoebel

    Splitting visit in different resorts?

    We are planning for next June during sww and considering poly but last two trips have really like pofq. We don't have loads of mony to throw around but Iif tax returns are good was considering poly Because youngest will be two durin trip and convenience of monerail for afternoon naps. I also...
  5. bgoebel

    Jedi training academy

    I know there's already posts on the new concept of signing up rather then being chosen from the audience but I'm looking for experience on how this process worked for them , how long they waited , strategies (I know be there at rope drop :) ). My dd will be 10 and is excited to sign up!
  6. bgoebel

    Pirates figurines

    My newly 9 year old daughter absolutely loves potc movies. They are her favorite movies . She just had her secondcyear in a row with pirates themed birthday party. she has a few of the figurines/action figures. She's saving up for pirates experience when we go to Disney next June!! She has the...
  7. bgoebel

    poly luau for families advice

    This will be our fourth trip as a family but as a child I have fond memories of the poly luau from when my family used to stay there (when it was still affordable :) ) but I have not yet been to the poly luau with my own family. I'm looking for advice on if it's worth it for families on dining...
  8. bgoebel

    Disney character app?

    So we have to wait til next year star wars weekend for our next trip so that my son will be more travel ready (he just turned one so when he's two he'll be much more ready for Mickey)... But alas I'm an early planner when it comes to disney... Anyways I know there's hidden mickey my daughters...
  9. bgoebel

    Buying vacation club points from others?

    Ive heard you can buy DVC points from people online to book your Disney trip and it can be a better deal or allow you to upgrade hotels! Anyone ever try this, comments on doing this, and have site links on where to go to do this?
  10. bgoebel

    good spots for parade viewing

    This is my third trip down with my children (many trips as a child myself) and I still have yet to nail down and choose the perfect place for parade viewing at the parks. Anyone want to provide me with their insight on the perfect place to view the parades (including spectromagic-which will be...
  11. bgoebel


    So I finally bought the Iphone after months of research and agonizing over the decision and love it. So I downloaded the wdw wait lines app and check it out, out of curiousity and maybe wishing that 3 months (if all goes well) will come quickly and my family will be able to make our trip down...
  12. bgoebel

    pirate tutorial, jedi training, and some character greeting times?

    during our last trip in Dec. of '08 someone was kind enough to tell me the times for the jedi training, pirate tutorial, etc. I am again looking for times (thinking they are going to be different for 1.5 years later. I also didn't know if anyone knows the character greeting times for princess...
  13. bgoebel

    ipod/iphone question in disneyworld.

    So I may be getting an iphone or an ipod touch and I have a question for all you apple users who visit the magical kingdom........does the kingdom have wireless service so that I could access apps while down there? I know there is a disney world wait time application that my friend has and...
  14. bgoebel

    busy days at each park

    I've always referenced my unofficial guide or you guys for the busiest days at each park to build my weekly itinerary and dining plans but I'm not sure if it's changed recently. Now I have even less time because we (all fingers crossed) are possibly planning on going in June. What days are busy...
  15. bgoebel

    using cast member discounts with free dining?? ADR change?

    my brother is starting an internship at disney world this august. I know he can get room discounts if he books the room and he gets some free tickets... we were thinking due to this fact that we may go again this December (went last December and it's our new favorite time to go). I just saw...
  16. bgoebel

    Recommended book club readings for Disney Addicts

    So I work in the schools as a speech therapist and thus am off all summer long. I keep promising myself I'll read "the last lecture", "the curious incident of the dog at midnight", another Harlan Coben novel..... but instead anytime I have a chance (even keep one in the mommy's office AKA...
  17. bgoebel

    Bio of Ub Iwerks on TV right now

    For you devoted disney fans, there is a multi-hour special on Ub Iwerks (animator of Mickey) on Ovation TV right now. I have Direct Tv and for me it's channel 274. Very interesting. Thought you devoted Disney Addicts would appreciate the info.
  18. bgoebel

    candlelight dining packages

    Has anyone used the candlelight dining package option?? What restaurants does it include?? I have used the fantasmic dining package and it has me excited about the potential of the candlelight dining package. Experiences, fave restaurants to use it for, is seating you get as a result worth...
  19. bgoebel


    Maple Leaf Forum seems to be a bit cheaper then disney tickets (disney's website). Do you forum users use Maple Leaf or typically does packag-ing it make it cheaper (I've always does packages) but using my pin-code discounts it's been a bit a more complex to make a package (dining + park...
  20. bgoebel

    birthday dining ideas

    My DH's husband will fall on Dec. 12th of our planned trip with friends (it's their first time taking their children- they both have not been for years), it is our second trip with children (I am however am an old disney pro-thus the love for this forum). Our friends birthdays are also within a...
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