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    ydkj instructions

    can anyone create instructions of any of the "you don't know jack" video game series?
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    ITV, American Style

    take a look at this old but great article:
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    My Beatles Fantasy Discography

    i've come up with an discography of albums from the beatles (If They Didn't Break-Up) Studio Albums 1963 Please Please Me (Parlophone/UK) With The Beatles (Parlophone/UK) 1964 Introducing The Beatles (Vee-Jay/US) Meet The Beatles! (Capitol/US) The Beatles' Second Album (Capitol/US) A...
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    Project Horizon

    i'm starting a multi-park project & i think you guys can help here's the list of parks (some are listed by resort) The Disneyland Resort Disneyland Park Disney's California Adventure Disneysea Park Universal City Resort (L.A.) Universal Studios Hollywood Universal Alterniverse...
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    post concept site plans here

    this thread is for posting & not unposting disneypark concept site plans here there is no parking in both the red & white zones because this is an website not an airport thank you & post away List of suggested disneyparks past, present & future...
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    (Poll) KOI's Main Street U.S.A.

    It is becoming very difficult to do a 1920's Main Street U.S.A. so i leave that choice on to you good luck
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    Disney's Imagination Resort V2.0 (Open Brainstorming)

    I've removed three theme parks & two hotels here is the new version of: Disney's Imagination Resort Theme Parks Disney's Kingdom Of Imagination - A Magic Kingdom Type Park With a Dash Of Epcot Main Street U.S.A. (1920's Great Lakes Town) Adventureland Hollywoodland Critter...
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    Odyssey Into Time

    Odyssey Into Time (An Open Brainstorming Concept To Replace Honey, I Shrunk The Audience At Epcot & Tokyo Disneyland & Captain EO Tribute AT Disneyland) An Modern Boy Meets An Victorian Girl Both Looking For Her Father, The Inventor Lost In Time & Space The 4-D Movie is into 4 parts each...
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    Disney's Imagination Resort (Open Brainstorming)

    here i am again thinking of putting an disney resort in the great lakes region but this time it's going to be different & here it is: Disney's Imagination Resort Theme Parks Disney's Kingdom Of Imagination - A Magic Kingdom Type Park With a Dash Of Epcot DisneySea U.S.A. - An American...
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    Disney's kingdom creator

    DISNEY'S KINGDOM CREATOR An Proposal An RCT-ish Video game that allows you to create your own disney park Sample Parks --------------------- 1.) The Kingdom Of Imagination (An Disneyland/Magic Kingdom Type Park) Main Street U.S.A. Fantasyland Adventureland Gracey Square (Themed...
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    Fig23 Ad

    i just saw a picture of figment in a D23 Expo promo in a website
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    Disney's Great Lakes Resort (Open Brainstorming)

    i'm planning an disney resort in my region (Great Lakes) & i need help with: Resorts & Hotels Original Attractions (your own idea -or- un-builted by Disney) Original Entertainment (Stage Show -or- daytime/nighttime parade -or- nighttime fireworks) any classic attractions & entertainment...
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