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  1. okcthunder

    Glow with the show

    Am I the only one who finds them annoying and think they distract from the show?
  2. okcthunder

    Is Mk at capacity?

    Or at an imminent threat to be we are heading over now?
  3. okcthunder


    Please let me know if this is feasible, allowed and if someone is willing to do it... Since I won't be on the boards much on May 23rd due to being in the parks I was wondering if someone would be willing to text me if and when the 7dmt soft opens. I use the textme app so it wouldn't be my actual...
  4. okcthunder

    Power Rank the World Showcase "Attractions"

    I have only done 3 so that's all I can do but.... 1)Maelstrom 2)Gran Fiesta Tour 3)The American Adventure.. Feel free to list out as many or as little as you desire..
  5. okcthunder

    Best Attraction Wait Time App?

    In your opinion what is it? Is it MDE or a non Disney one such as Mousewait.
  6. okcthunder


    Love it, hate it, would be better if it wasn't so short? Thoughts on this ride in Norway...
  7. okcthunder

    Trails End

    We're going here just curious what fellow forum users impression was of it since we have never been. We are going for Dinner BTW.
  8. okcthunder

    Why didn't they make POTC more like Disneyland's?

    Is there a explanation out there just curious? It's not like WDW has some exclusives that DL doesn't it is just missing a ton of stuff in comparision to Disneyland's version. I love POTC on the West and East coast I was just curious if there was an explanation..
  9. okcthunder

    Give me your "Secret" outlet locations.

    I know about the one by Rapunzel and IASW. Where are some secret outlets I can charge my phone for a little bit... Also, does Disney frown on this?
  10. okcthunder

    Best Value in the World..

    In your opinion what is the best value in the World. When I ask I mean mealwise not like Churros or anything like that.
  11. okcthunder

    Monorail or Ferry?

    Which one is quicker to the Magic Kingdom, and which one do you prefer? I think the Ferry is quicker but I prefer the Monorail, I can get on a boat anywhere but a monorail not so much...
  12. okcthunder

    Buffet Style Dining at WDW

    Any Buffets on property with no characters involved?
  13. okcthunder

    What are my odds?

    Of getting to ride the 7DMT on the 24 Hour Party Day? I would like to think that would be a perfect time for a soft opening!
  14. okcthunder


    Just a cool abbreviation first off second off what do you guys expect it to be... What I mean is it going to be a tamer BTMR or about the same only with cooler animatronics...
  15. okcthunder

    What secrets have been eliminated?

    I'm going through these threads and I know Disney has had to remove some of these "secrets" over the years can anyone specfically thing of any they have eliminated?
  16. okcthunder

    Does anyone know if starbucks at MK or EPCOT have whole milk?

    My daughter can't drink 2% only whole and I have a gift card to Starbucks need to know if I should reload it or not...
  17. okcthunder

    Best Counter Service in the Magic Kingdom

    What is it? I realize every one has a different opinion just want to get some ideas...
  18. okcthunder

    Official 24 Disney Side Party Thread

    The fun starts at 6 AM May 23rd and doesn't end until 6 AM on May 24th.... Anyone else going? Perfect kickoff to an awesome vacation at Disney World!
  19. okcthunder

    The POG Juice

    Is it the same juice @ Kona as it is @ Ohana? We are currently debating which one to go to and we LOVE the Pog Juice!
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