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  1. Moana76

    Eliminating some Florida resident annual passes?

    I did a quick search and didn’t find this posted, but I heard that Disney will be eliminating some of the options for Florida resident annual passes in February. Does anyone have any insight? Also, this is something I saw on Facebook, so take that for what it is.
  2. Moana76

    Trip Report Since I have to go to Kissimmee anyway, I might as well, right?

    Hello all! I first would like to say that I love reading everyone's trip reports, and I thought I would try trip reporting out for myself. This trip is going to be a very quick one that was unplanned until this morning. I found out this morning that I have to be in Kissimmee on the afternoon...
  3. Moana76

    Hey all!

    Hey all, I've been lurking here for a while as I've been planning my WDW trip for next week and have found lots of great info/tips in the forums, and I thought I should finally sign up and say hello! So hello! I live in Florida and have been to Disney more times than I can count, but I just...
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