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  1. Mrhappyplace

    General political chat

    The hypothetical you are putting forth is a far cry from You are talking about the best allocation of resources and not refusal of aid to people who weren't capable of making the decision to protect themselves from a virus.
  2. Mrhappyplace

    General political chat

    I don't generally tell others how to live or who to have sympathy for and I have no intention of breaking that custom for you. Generally I feel sorry for people with mental illnesses and put people who can't make a good decision in that category.
  3. Mrhappyplace

    How has the coronavirus epidemic impacted your employment?

    The poll doesn't have a option even close to my situation. I was laid off of the job I had for 21 years in Jan 18 and collected unemployment then. Spent most of the rest of 2018 trying to stay in the same pay scale. At the end of the year I started delivering pizza for a national chain, it is...
  4. Mrhappyplace

    General political chat

    Still once you allow people to make the decision of who does and doesn't deserve treatment there are bound to be bad decisions made. And apparently no sympathy for anyone who doesn't think the way you do.
  5. Mrhappyplace

    General political chat

    Wow. Just wow. I really wonder if the Hippocratic Oath would allow anybody medical treatment if you two were allowed to write it, I mean that is one slippery slope you want to stand on top of. Next thing you know doctors will be refusing to treat motorcycle riders, smokers, people who consume...
  6. Mrhappyplace

    Whispering Canyon - do they do takeout?

    On our honeymoon at Wilderness lodge we found we had some excess dinning credits when we were checking out. As we had driven we thought we would order some meals from Whispering Canyon for the drive home. At that time they had no problem giving us meals to go but that was close to 6 years ago...
  7. Mrhappyplace

    Trip Report Marriage is a DREAM!

    Actually you can walk around the restaurants (and take pictures of course) when they aren't serving, something I found out while walking around in the late night/early morning hours on our first cruise. @myhappyplace's trip report if you want to see. Definitely one of the best things I've had...
  8. Mrhappyplace

    The Boys (Amazon Prime)

    I read the first issue of the comic years ago when it first came out and was not impressed enough to continue reading further. The show has a lot of heart that the comic lacked (at least the first issue) and I really enjoyed it.
  9. Mrhappyplace

    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)

    What do you all think the likelihood of Disney resort rooms having Disney+?
  10. Mrhappyplace

    Disney cruise may or November. Help!!

    My wife and I have done this cruise route 3 times, twice in November/December and once in September/October. I wouldn't worry about rough seas in either time frame, the seas were so calm during our cruises that I got the impression it never gets rough. I think November would be a better time for...
  11. Mrhappyplace

    Trip Report Marriage is a DREAM!

    Great start to the trip report, looking forward to reading the rest!
  12. Mrhappyplace

    Dream- Tips & Must Dos!

    You've gotten a lot of good advice already but I'll add a few thoughts of my own. Some of them may have already been mentioned but.... Bring your bathing suits in your carry on bag(s) so you have them before your luggage is delivered. I saw someone else mention going to the adult pool soon...
  13. Mrhappyplace

    Trip Report Disney Dreamin' of a night at AKL--a little bit of a different trip...COMPLETED

    Close. it is actually eggplant rollatini, basically eggplant parm stuffed with prosciutto. I thought it was the best thing we ordered. Here is another look at it.
  14. Mrhappyplace

    Trip Report Disney Dreamin' of a night at AKL--a little bit of a different trip...COMPLETED

    The new french toast item was alright but I did much prefer the one on our last cruise. The real reason for my disappointment isn't so much because they new recipe isn't as good (though it isn't) but on our last breakfast on the prior cruise I ordered the French Toast Stack and didn't receive...
  15. Mrhappyplace

    Trip Report Disney Dreamin' of a night at AKL--a little bit of a different trip...COMPLETED

    Funny that the forum wants to hide the name of our stateroom host. The first half of his name is often used to describe "entertainment" with naked people.
  16. Mrhappyplace

    DCL Food Picture of the Day

    Pirate night in Animator's Palette.
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