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  1. palmage

    Yacht Club Standard View

    It doesn't look like there are too many rooms that look at the parking lot. Where else is considered "standard view"?
  2. palmage

    FLA Lottery Commercial

    Is that the Butler from the Adventures Club in that ad?
  3. palmage

    Where were you 9 years ago

    Where were you when you heard the news? Sad day for all :(
  4. palmage

    News Robot

    The WDWMagic News Robot has been a very busy little fellow.
  5. palmage

    Disney Speedway???

    Do you think they'll ever sanction a race there again? Either NASCAR or IRL. I thought I heard that IRL was considering it.
  6. palmage

    Florida Resident Rates

    Does Disney offer Florida Resident discounted rates during the regular season? We generally don't go during regular or peak season, so I don't recall looking for discounts.
  7. palmage

    How Bout Dem Rays

    Wow taking another series from those pesky Bo Sox. 2 game lead AL East 90+ wins this year compared to only 67 wins last year Who are these guys :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy: And something we all love to see...........Yankees 10 games back and out of the Post Season...
  8. palmage


    This is worth watching.
  9. palmage

    Here Comes Gustav

    Hope this one tracks south!!!
  10. palmage

    Animal Kingdom Lodge to Downtown Disney

    We're doing a quick weekend before Pleasure Island closes. Are the busses a pain to and from AKL? We've always driven, so this will be a first.
  11. palmage

    How Long Can You Go?

    I'm approaching a year since I've set foot in a park :cry: I'm going through serious Disney DT's I've been to DTD many times but no parks. My question is how long can/do you go between visits?
  12. palmage

    Rain Rain Rain

    5 inches so far in my neighborhood :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: Heading north east towards WDW. Hopefully this will kill the wild fires.
  13. palmage

    Down Town Disney and St Patrick

    They seem to get along very well last night. There was some major consumption going on (myself included), but for the most part everybody was well behaved. :p :p :p :p
  14. palmage

    A Disney Wedding!!!

    Just returned from my neices wedding and in a word it was fantastic:sohappy: :sohappy: The brides side (from Minneapolis) stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge and as always it was perfect. The grooms side were all from St Pete and just came for the day on Friday. The first night...
  15. palmage

    A Disney Wedding!!

    I'm getting fired up here. My neice is getting married at the Yacht Club on the 19th. The reason I'm all nuts about this is because it'll be the first time the whole family has been together at Disney in 17 years!!:D This next couple of weeks is going to drag by, I can feel it. I may have...
  16. palmage

    Private Viewing of Illuminations

    Ok, there is that spot by the UK and the bridge that is reserved for private gatherings during Illuminations. My Niece is getting married at the Yacht Club and I'd love to reserve that spot. Anybody know how you go about doing that? Thanks
  17. palmage

    Can we get up???

    A silly question.................Has any one done this? We have dinner reservations at Ohana at 7:40. Would they let us get up and go see Wishes at 8:00 and come back? I tried making an earlier reservation but nothing was available and they don't have seating for 12 along the windows.
  18. palmage

    AKL Standard Concierge???

    I was recently planning for January visit and found out AKL has "standard" concierge. Does anyone know anything about this? Where will the rooms be? Disney Reservations wasn't too helpful on this subject.
  19. palmage

    Hello all

    New to these boards, just wanted to say hi!!
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