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  1. wedenterprises

    Bay Lake Tower Beach

    Apple maps satellite view shows a beach to the east of the Bay Lake Tower Bay Cove Pool. Can guests access this beach? If so, where from? Thanks!
  2. wedenterprises

    Doubles created in MDE app

    Has anyone encountered this yet? My hotel reservation has the entire group listed, but when I go to magic bands, and dinner reservations, there are different versions of my folks! The "real" profiles are the dining and magic bands ones. So I'm not sure how to change the hotel reservation? Is...
  3. wedenterprises

    DVC logo changes yet?

    Has anyone noticed the new DVC logo popping up anywhere other than print ads? The "old" logo is adorned on nearly everything including hotel logos such as the Vero Beach entrance sign. Will the DVC resort logos be changing to match the updated logo/font?
  4. wedenterprises

    Where to find Cherry Coke at WDW?

    It's been a tradition for us to get cherry cokes at WDW but in the last few years it's been really hard to find. Each hotel used to offer it regularly either at a fountain or bottle in the hotel shop. The only place I know of (last I checked) was the Pepper Market at Coronado Springs...
  5. wedenterprises

    Awesome Dole Whip Shirt

    Who doesn't love Dole Whip and who doesn't love amazing one of a kind Disney T-shirts. too cool.
  6. wedenterprises

    Terrible concepts for rides

    I was laughing last night at the thought of just the dumbest ideas for rides, i'd like to hear some of your thoughts and have a laugh. I don't mean realistically bad ideas like STICH'S GREAT ESCAPE or even ideas that make sense. In fact the less sense, the funnier. I'll start: Re-theming...
  7. wedenterprises

    Amazing retro Disney World t-shirts

    I was scouring the net for retro Disney shirts as it's been a while since I've seen a cool shirt i'd want to buy at DL/WDW these days. (i'm kinda sick of the retro mickey thing), Anyways I came across this amazing shirt I hope they sell at the parks one day...
  8. wedenterprises

    Hammocks at the Beach Club?

    Hi ! I'm staying at the Boardwalk on my trip and I was wondering if there are hammocks on the beach at the Yacht/Beach club? I love to walk around the lake at night after a late night swim and would love to relax on some hammocks like we did at the Poly. Thanks!
  9. wedenterprises

    CDN Disney Store Park Tickets

    Hi I am looking into buying a 7 day park hopper ticket from the Disney Store up here in Canada...they sell them at PAR which is amazing and saves us about $70CDN per ticket. My question though, is what kind of pass do they sell? The flimsy paper kind? And most importantly, what do they look...
  10. wedenterprises

    Imagineering style course in Vancouver, BC

  11. wedenterprises

    Please help me plan my VERY brief TDS trip

    Hi! I am making a 12 hour stop over in Tokyo next week from 7am -7pm, so I was thinking of catching the first TDL shuttle bus at 9am, going to Disney Sea from 10-4pm, then coming back to the airport for 5pm, 2 hours before my flight out. Money aside, is this a ridiculous idea? The TDL...
  12. wedenterprises

    Great New WDI Blog

    I've started a new Disney Blog, I hope you all visit and keep coming back in the future!
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