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    Disney springs to do

    Eat !! Try and get to Art Smith's Homecomin' and try to get a seat for the weekend brunch. Absolutely phenomenal. Then you have all day to walk it off. You get some major portions of anything you order there.
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    My "Almost" Disney Trip

    I wish you luck and health for your new kitten. We've experienced losing pets, and they are truly a part of your family. Also, don't beat yourself up over not making the trip. You'll be back before you know it.
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    Unimpressed with Animal Kingdom

    I would also suggest if you get the chance, do the behind the scenes Disney African Trek. We went early in the morning and the others who were supposed to join us never showed up so we had an exclusive tour with just our family. It's worth the extra cash just to try the experience once. We had...
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    (Old(Ish) news) last remaining Jack Wagner shuttle announcement at MCO replaced

    Now it's Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer, correct ? His narration still excites me. It's the kickoff to the beginning of the trip.
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    Japanese construction giant Obayashi announces space elevator plans by 2050

    Hey ! They stole that idea from the Jimmy Fallon ride at Universal Orlando ! It's actually a space roller coaster, but close enough.
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    Tyson 2009-2020

    My old girl Pug used to be the alpha dog in the house when we had our previous timid Boston Terrier runt, Junior. After Junior's passing we brought in another Boston, Buzz, and he is now the alpha. He took over, even as a puppy. But she still doesn't put up with any antics from him.
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    Tyson 2009-2020

    So sorry for your loss. Some people don't understand that it is truly losing one of your family. We've gone through it twice and it doesn't get easier. My old girl Pug, Belle, turns 10 in a few weeks. It's when you hit those double digits that you thank God for every day you have them.
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    Trip Report From Miami to Orlando 9/30-10/4

    Nice. Keep the pictures coming !
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    Need a Great, Off Site Hotel / Close

    If you have a vehicle beware of the Hilton. We stayed there once and we paid around $20 a night for parking. Not sure if that policy is still in place. It was about 10 years ago.
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    Rock and Brews near Margaritaville

    On our last visit to FL our daughter brought her Boston Terrier puppy down from Jacksonville. So we stayed in a pet friendly hotel, and we looked for pet friendly dining options. The place we settled on was Rock and Brews which is right on 192 close to the Margaritaville resort. The place was...
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    What changes will Phase 3 bring to Universal?

    We were at Universal on a Saturday one month ago. We stayed for about 3 hours and then decided it wasn't worth it. The park was jammed and they oversold Express passes because some rides were booked solid by 1:00 PM with no more regular admittance permitted. My annual pass expires 1/6/21 and I'm...
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    HHN Not Happening

    I live in PA and have attended the past three HHN's. I love them. So sad they're not happening this year. About an hour from my home, there is a PA Halloween event that touts itself as the #3 haunted attraction in the U.S. Shocktoberfest. We usually attend on a Friday night when the high...
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    Return of the College Program?

    Yes, but 'as soon as they could' can possibly be the Fall of 2021. It depends on if we get a second wave like Britain is currently experiencing. We picked my daughter up at her CP apartment complex several times which was just off of route 535 back behind Landry's. That complex was always...
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    Return of the College Program?

    I never participated in the CP (wish I would have), but I got to experience it first hand because my daughter did it in the fall semester of 2018. She was a lifeguard at the Contemporary resort. It was a grind. She also had to work multiple shifts when a hurricane hit that fall. They used all...
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    Looking to rent 9/25-10/4

    So it's 9/25.....what did you do ?
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    Split Stay question re: charges

    We split back in February between Boardwalk and Saratoga. Boardwalk was our final destination and I forgot to leave a tip for the room attendant. I noticed a $10 charge on my card from Boardwalk. Is that a standard fee if you don't leave a tip ? Just wondering....
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    HHN Not Happening

    I posted before that I left Universal after spending three hours there on a Saturday about a month ago. I was visiting from Pennsylvania and I felt it was out of control. I saw a guy getting warned three times to put his mask back on while waiting in the Men in Black queue. After the second...
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    Never been...looking for what "not to miss"

    If you have two days you pretty much should be able to do everything at least once in both parks. You can tell with some of the rides if you'll want to take the time to wait for them. Water rides may not be doable depending on the weather and others like Storm Force, Dr. Doom, and One Fish, Two...
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    Reduced Benefits

    Yes. It's going to be rough. There was talk of charging for Fastpass before the pandemic, and now that seems like it will be a given. I suspect that parking will hit the $30 mark by the time this situation ends. I also think that the ticket pricing and options like the Hopper will carry a higher...
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