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  1. Red Sox

    Crowd Movements/Designated Standing Areas At MK For HEA

    The projection shows are a terrible idea to start with. Who thought it was a good idea to shove everyone into the hub area?
  2. Red Sox

    Will anyone miss Ellen's Energy Adventure?

    I will miss it as it was one of the few pieces of original EPCOT Center left. Especially the dinosaurs. I will also miss seeing Trebek's mustache.
  3. Red Sox

    What ride represents each park?

    Magic Kingdom: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea EPCOT: Spaceship Earth Hollywood Studios: The Great Movie Ride Animal Kingdom: Kilimanjaro Safaris
  4. Red Sox

    Tom Sawyer Island Makeover

  5. Red Sox

    MuppetVision closed until August 2nd for unexpected Maintenance

    I fear that the days of AA heavy dark rides are gone.
  6. Red Sox

    Thoughts on castle projections?

    The projection shows contributed in part to the transformation of the hub area from a lush area with trees and benches into the unpleasant area it is now. On that basis alone I'd rather forego them and restore the area to it's former glory.
  7. Red Sox

    Liberty Belle breakdown, and Mark Twain disassembly?

    I could not possibly disagree more. I disagree with every fiber of my being.
  8. Red Sox

    I'm Just Sick Over The Great Movie Ride

    Please enlighten me.
  9. Red Sox

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    7 Dwarf's Mine Train and Little Mermaid is NOT an upgrade over 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in my opinion.
  10. Red Sox

    I'm Just Sick Over The Great Movie Ride

    I keep seeing folks call The Great Movie Ride "dated" over and over. How is it dated? And before anyone says it's because the movies are old, I flat out reject that. The most recently opened and most popular ride in Magic Kingdom is based entirely on an 80 year old movie. Is 7Dwarfs Mine Train...
  11. Red Sox

    Amazon Prime Now for grocery delivery

    Thanks for the information! I'm considering doing an Amazon Prime Now order on our arrival day but I wasn't sure if Mickey would be adding extra fees XD
  12. Red Sox

    Amazon Prime Now for grocery delivery

    Does the resort charge you a fee for having stuff delivered there?
  13. Red Sox

    "Budget Cuts" - Now Showing at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Well that stinks for my upcoming trip.
  14. Red Sox

    "Budget Cuts" - Now Showing at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Who/what is "one of the free-roaming character" that will no longer be meeting?
  15. Red Sox

    The Blue Paint on the Tomorrowland Rock is Starting to Come Off Already

    Some nice big spires with water features built in would look really nice there.
  16. Red Sox

    Rumor Bye Bye (Tiki) Birdies?

    This is heartbreaking if true.
  17. Red Sox

    Mission:Space update (confirmed)

    Destroying Horizons for Mission Space is a slap in the face to everyone that ever loved EPCOT
  18. Red Sox

    Mission:Space update (confirmed)

    Unless they're updating it to Horizons I'm not interested.
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