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    My Uncle is CRAZY!!! - Not planning

    So I have a trip planned for June. April 8th is when we make our FP+ reservations. We planned our trip last December. At the time, my Uncle said we wanted to go too.(my uncle, 2 cousins, cousin in law, and 2 second cousins) So he booked at same resort. Well, with our FP+ date approaching, I...

    Clarification with MDE, Fastpass, and RoTR BGs

    I apologize if there is a thread for this. I searched and after 3 pages didn't see what I was looking for. So...I'm going to WDW with My wife and 3 kids. What exactly do I need to do to ensure we BOTH can try for a BG on the RoTR? Is that a good idea? Or will it mess things up? I know there...

    Question about Room Only Reservations

    I read in a thread on this site that Room-Only reservations can be paid off only by calling WDW to pay the FULL amount before check-in. I know payments can be made online for a package, and payments can also be made with a WDW gift card. Question: Can you call and pay the balance of your room...
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