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  1. jklakeview

    EPCOT FOREVER STARTS OCT 1st!! I absolutely love the music of Epcot and although I'm giong to miss REO, I'm very excited about this!
  2. jklakeview

    Epcot now selling giant multi-layered cotton candy! I know that 15.00 is expensive but at least this is a unique classic type of Disney offering. Maybe could be a little cheaper but I LOVE the idea and few of old school NON GENERIC Disney snacks.
  3. jklakeview

    Soarin over the World

    Screamscape posted the new Soarin' over the World. I haven't watched it because I'm not sure I want to see it yet, but I listened to the music and I am so happy that it sounds so similar to the original. I can not wait to see it in November when we are there.
  4. jklakeview

    Positive changes coming to FP+ Finally a good cost cut. No more kiosks and you will be able to make additional fp+ reservations from your phone. I hate those kiosks and I'm so excited about this. I'm surprised no one...
  5. jklakeview

    Tea cup 1 day refurb

    im in Disney and he tea cup were down 2 days ago for a 1 day refurb. Speaking to the cast members it was to work on the breaking system. It's open now and it seems to be breaking a lot quieter. It's not completely gone but when I talked to a cast member he said he was under them today. There is...
  6. jklakeview

    Le Cellier serving wild mushroom rissoto again?

    I went online to look at Le Cellier's menu and notice that the wild mushroom risotto is back. Can anyone confirm this? I ate there last August and it was replaced with a different risotto that definitely lacked flavor. I decided that it wasn't worth the money to me without the food being...
  7. jklakeview

    Additional FP+s

    I apologize if there is already a post about this but I have no idea where to find it. Does anyone have any information on whether you can book additional FP+ after your first 3 have been used using your smartphone yet. I was there 1 month ago and this was still not an option. If not, does...
  8. jklakeview

    Wow poly is ruined...

    Just went to poly last night to eat at OHana and watch the fireworks. OHana went well, service was slow as usual, but when we went out to the beach I realized how much they destroyed the Poly Beach. No viewing area for the fireworks at all anymore. Those bungalows have taken over the entire...
  9. jklakeview

    Reports from spring break 2014

    My family and I are currently on our way home from spring break. First I want to say that we arrived on Sat and were pleasantly surprised with the lower crowd levels. Did not need to use any of my fp+ For lesser attractions. It remained this way until Tuesday and Weds was a madhouse at Magic...
  10. jklakeview

    FP Plus new tests?

    I read on Screamscape that fp+ is testing new limits where after using your first three FPs you can now book additional ones. Has anyone experienced this yet? How did it work out? I personally think that the system would be better if it ran just as old fps did and there were no advanced...
  11. jklakeview

    I can't wait to go to Disney World to go.....

    Bowling? Does anyone else think that this is sort of a dumb thing? I mean I can understand if people want something to do at night but I guess it's just not for me. Don't get me wrong, I love bowling and I average between 180 - 190 over an entire season, but I usually spend the entire day at...
  12. jklakeview

    Whispering Canyon

    On my trip to Disney this week O contemplated canceling Whispering Canyon because of all of the bad reviews. I am so glad that I did not. After hearing complaints I wanted to let everyone know that the pulled pork is back as a skillet option and it was delicious. The sausage was also fantastic...
  13. jklakeview

    Bounce back offer

    My bounce back offer for this trip to Disney was free dining for Late August till late September. Looks like things are getting nack to normal discount wise for Disney World
  14. jklakeview

    Tangled bathrooms

    I have spoke to people here while at Disney World and they have confirmed that the Tangled Area will be only bathrooms and the sun design. There is no tower being built because the are trying to have fantasy land nice and open. The cm working outside that area said the princesses will all be in...
  15. jklakeview

    Fast pass plus

    I am at Disney and I spoke to a few cast members about fast pass plus. They told me it only worked ok in trials and others said the trial was "interesting". Rey all confirmed one thing. There will be NO REGULAR FAST PASS after fast pass plus is in full swing.
  16. jklakeview

    Country Bears Re-opening very soon but....

    I still haven't heard many concrete details. Last I heard, they were shortening the show and removing some of the songs. It's strange but I really haven't heard much since. Does anyone have any concrete details on whats going on with the Country Bears?
  17. jklakeview

    New menus at Whispering Canyon

    Don't know if anyone mentioned anything but Whispering Canyon has no more skillet at lunch and ONLY SKILLETS for dinner. I'm imagining at dinner that's what everyone orders anyway but I don't like that they removed pulled pork from the Skillet
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