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  1. TikiTorch

    August 21 Solar Eclipse

    On August 21 of this year a total solar eclipse will be visible across much of the U.S. Central Florida will experience only a partial eclipse, but even so the sun will be up to 85-90% blocked for about an hour mid-afternoon. So, while it will not get completely dark, the afternoon will take on...
  2. TikiTorch

    Hall of Presidents Update?

    With election season in full swing, we'll have a 45th president come January. President Obama has a major role in the current Hall of Presidents. Is there any standard protocol for updating this attraction every 4-8 years? What are the possibilities? Of course, if anyone has any inside knowledge...
  3. TikiTorch

    Shanghai on Google Maps

    Where is Shanghai Disneyland? Entering any search terms like "Walt Disney Grand Theater" or "Disneytown" turns up nothing on Google Maps. I have also not been able to find any mailing address. I'm just curious about this only because every other Disney resort worldwide is very easy to locate and...
  4. TikiTorch

    New York Times Front Page Turkey Leg Expose
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