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  1. Mrhappyplace

    May the Fourth be with me?

    Just wondering if anybody knows of anything special related to Star Wars happens for May 4th? Our current plans have us in Epcot that day but we could always take the short walk to HS over during the day or change our plans.
  2. Mrhappyplace

    Any recent experiances @ Morimoto Asia

    I've got a ADR for Morimoto Asia for April 29 and to prepare myself I read through all the reviews on Yelp recently. It seemed like there was quite a lot of very negative reviews during the month of December but going back further the majority of the reviews got more positive though there was...
  3. Mrhappyplace

    Favorite DCL ship & itinerary?

    42 days from my second DCL experience and I've been thinking about taking advantage of the bounceback offer for our third cruise and thinking it will be time to try one of the other ships. Both our cruises will have been on the Dream a 3 day Halloween Cruise last year and a 4 day Christmas...
  4. Mrhappyplace

    Biergarten Vs Coral Reef

    Got a pin code in the mail the other day so we've decided to book a Caribbean Beach trip for the end of April/beginning of May. Looking to do a lot of eating at the Flower and Garden festival but thinking of doing one Epcot table service. I haven't tried either of these yet and want to do one...
  5. Mrhappyplace

    Best WDW restaurant that isn't V&A?

    If money wasn't a issue for you and you could pick any restaurant to eat at where (besides V&A) would you go?
  6. Mrhappyplace

    Seeking Raglan Road recomendations

    I'll be visiting Raglan Road for the first time and despite reading the menu numerous times I'm really undecided on what to order. Franky everything seems overpriced to me, even considering it is a restaurant at WDW. At first I was thinking of ordering two appetizers or the Appetizers...
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