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    Tutto Gusto in Epcot Italy

    Is Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar considered part of Tutto Italia? I don't see Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar anywhere as a reservation option. It's listed as a separate restaurant on the Disney site, but it doesn't offer reservations, even though I know they take them.
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    RotR question..

    Do you still need to get to the park at 5:30am to guarantee a boarding pass? Are they still opening up the DHS gates for crowds at 6:30am?
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    RotR: Disney is still not at Universal's level

    I've ridden RotR twice now, and while I truly loved the overall experience and level of immersion, I feel like it's missing something very important- THRILLS. I'm sorry but this ride is lacking "juice" in the movement of the ride vehicles. It's just too tame and overall not very thrilling. If...
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    Star Wars Rise of the Resistance question...

    I understand the CA version of Ride of the Resistance is opening a couple months after Galaxy's Edge opens. Are they doing this so that both CA and FL versions open at the same time? Or will the FL version also open a couple months after their Galaxy Edge opens?
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    What happens if MK hits capacity and...'re denied entrance, and you have a reservation for a MK restaurant that you guaranteed with a credit card? Do they still charge you $10 per person for not showing up? That would really suck.
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    Spider-man... I am confused

    I am not really up on how the Disney ownership of Marvel exactly works, but can someone explain why/how this newest Spider-man film is not Disney and has nothing to do with Disney? I mean I understand the concept of a company leasing out a property and getting paid that way, but unless I'm...
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    $270 million to build the Ratatouille ride?

    Is this a Wikipedia mistake? There's no way that ride should cost $270 million.
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    Why does MK close at 4:30 tomorrow?

    That's kinda early don't you think?
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    So they ban selfie sticks...

    but they sell lightsabers in the park? Got bopped in the face with one today at DHS. The lightsabers are just as long as the selfie sticks. Just as dangerous.
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    AP MagicBands

    How stupid is it that you cannot get AP discounts throughout the park unless you have your actual AP card. The MagicBand alone is not good enough. My AP information is on the MagicBand! Otherwise I wouldn't be able to get into the park. So it's good enough to get me into the park, but not to...
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    Crazy idea for Carousel of Progress

    Posted this in another thread but it kind of got buried and not sure if anyone saw it. It solves some some of the problems of updating this ride. What if they changed the last scene to a 1960 scene and build a second Carousel next to the original which would be 1980, 2000, 2020 (present), and...
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    Anyone planning to wait at TGMR entrance tomorrow and enter at 9:29pm?

    In hopes of being on the very last car? Just curious. I was thinking about it. Yeah, nerd alert..
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    Holding your hands up in the air on Space Mountain

    I've read that it's impossible for your fingertips to hit the tracks above you, but I'm still not convinced. I swear it looks like that track is barely above my head, and I admire people who do it anyways. Also what about the man who is 6'10 with lanky arms? Still completely impossible to hit...
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    Can you guess what park this is?

    10 points to the first person who gets it. :)
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    I'm hoping Fantasmic stays as is

    I saw the "Fantasmic 2.0" in Tokyo. I hate the "improved" soundtrack. I really hope WDW doesn't go that direction like DL did a couple weeks ago.
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    Has anyone been to all six Disney resorts around the world?

    I just recently got back from Asia, completing my visits to all six Disney resorts. I was just curious if anyone else here has been to all six.
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    Question about Universal HOLLYWOOD

    Sorry this is in wrong forum.
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    Going to DL this Saturday...A question

    Planning to go to DL this Saturday 7/22. I've read that 1-day ticket holders won't be allowed in that day, and the only way to get in is with a 2-day ticket. Can anyone confirm? Also, will I need to purchase tix in advance? I just came from Shanghai Disneyland and they REQUIRED advance purchase...
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    FastPass question (Tokyo, HK, and Shanghai)

    Hello there, I will be in all three Asia Disney parks this summer (can't wait!). Can someone give me some tips on which rides to get the FastPasses for FIRST thing in the morning? For Tokyo Disneyland I am assuming the most popular ride is Pooh's Hunny Hunt? But what would be the next most...
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    Tokyo Disney question

    Apologies if this the wrong forum, but I will be at Tokyo Disney this summer. A WDW cast member told me the other day that Tokyo Disney actually requires a reservation just to get into the park, because it's so busy. Can anyone confirm this, and if so, tell me how these reservations are made?
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