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  1. orky8

    Carnival Cruises to introduce Wearable Medallion "Inside a clandestine Carnival Corporation complex here, two former Disney executives have been plotting a drastic cruise industry overhaul. Their mission...
  2. orky8

    Tiering is Down (Broken?)

    FYI, today was able to change experiences at Epcot to select both TT and Soarin. Not sure if this was intentional or not, though, as going in to select all new experiences still has tiers.
  3. orky8

    FP+ and ADR Tip - Do NOT put the name of guests in your ADRs

    Why? Because you want to have one person with full access to FP+ slots and FP+ blocks off the time of your ADR for at least 1 hour. Use one person to do ADRs, and one person to do FP+, and then copy their FP+ to your whole party. If you put guests on your ADRs, in blocks them off too. As an...
  4. orky8

    Clicking to Next page takes me to bottom of the page

    Is anyone else having this issue? Whenever I click to the next page of a thread, it takes me directly to the bottom of the next page, and I then need to manually scroll up to the top to read it.
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