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    Mitzer's trip report - including Mission Space

    First off, this was a total surprise...last minute...trip for my birthday. My husband surprised me with the help of Pam (Kingdom Konsultant)....thanks PAMMY! We arrived at Disney at 9am on Saturday. First stop, a haircut. Yep, haircut. There is a lady at Disney that my husband tries to get a...
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    Disney En Route Trip Report

    Hello All... just arrived at Disney this afternoon and hoping to do my trip report while at Disney. Left Atlanta this morning at 430AM and headed to Disney. Arrived by car here at 11:30AM, not a bad trip. Decided last week to move our reservation from AKL to GF. Arrived at the GF and checked...
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    AP Specials end 4-9, then what?

    Has anyone heard anything at all about Disney extending the Annual Pass rate specials past April 9th. Disney has, as long as I remember, offered AP specials in May. I have noticed that they usually coincide with the FL Resident specials. They released those some time ago, but nothing for AP...
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    IM Tonight

    If you want to chat...Pam has set up a chat room under WDWMAGIC on AOL IM. Just IM her at wdwloverpam and she will get you in.
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    Test for Pam

    Resize test for Pam Photo of Victoria
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    When Disney Club ends...

    Does anyone know what Disney will replace the Disney Club with? I was wondering if so many of us get discounts (like on rooms) with either the AP or DC, what will happen when the DC ends. I was told by Disney the other day that if you have the DC already, you can renew it until the end of the...
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    Diamond Horseshoe

    I am hoping I didn't miss a threat on this already (if I did...just let me know), but I heard they are closing the show to make another type meet and greet with characters? If they are doing this, where are the current preformers going to be seen? Are they relocating them to another location...
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    Creekwayne: I know you have got to be leave for Disney TOMORROW...doing a blonde happy dance to send you on your way. :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: Have a great trip. Mitzer
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