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  1. kali1010

    Unsettling “security” checks.

    And I now do stay elsewhere! We got back early from the parks I got in the shower and my husband went to grab us food. When I got out of shower, completely nude there was a strange man in my room. Haven't stayed on property since. Next week my hubz booked us at the poly for my birthday I am...
  2. kali1010

    Tonys town square parade viewing during Christmas party?

    My husband has severe PTSD (iraq) but we love disney. We never watch parades because of standing crowds (if hes moving hes fine) was thinking of getting the party for him so he can watch. Any opinions from those that have done the upgrade? I hate the money grab from disney but it may be worth...
  3. kali1010

    December 2018 roll call!!

    Dec 11th for party only
  4. kali1010

    October 4th-16th 2017: WHO'S GOING?

    I'll be there the 14th with the dh for mnsshp. Just the one night but then I just had the girls there 2 wks ago lol
  5. kali1010

    Meeting Beast at Be Our Guest on Halloween Party Night

    We did BoG Friday night during the party. It was wonderful and yes the beast was there
  6. kali1010

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    I've been a lurker for years....just never posted....that's changing *grin
  7. kali1010

    Question for those who stay in the values.

    I just got back from staying at the PoP. When I take my grands it's the resort of choice. The Murphy bed situation was amazing as it really opened up the rooms. And the cast members at the front desk worked magic. Especially Manu! My granddaughter got ill on herself and we had to return to...
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