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  1. bgoebel

    Do Great Things come in Small Packages.

    I love pofq! We stayed at Caribbean headband found it too large and spread out ! I don't mind walking and enjoy it but. Of after a long day at the park carrying a sleeping child :)! We also didn't enjoy the Caribbean beaches Many many many bus stops at the end of a long day. We stayed at the...
  2. bgoebel

    How Many Days for You... (Part 7)

    224 which seems long but I coose to look at bright side that I can make adrs dec 5th which I can countdown to and it's a much shorter countdown :)
  3. bgoebel

    Resort Only - where would you stay and why?

    I love the poly.stayed there growing up many times. I love island theme and also love you could still enjoy a little Disney magic (cuddled up on beach to watch wishes or water pageant). It's also most romantic of your choices :)
  4. bgoebel

    Jedi Training

    Can you sign up more then one child ? Both my daughters want to do it this year( my oldest dd did it 3 years ago when there was still selection from the audience)
  5. bgoebel

    Dr Who coming to Epcot and other news

    I love tennant. Matt smith was a bit of a misfire until the weeping angels episodes and he kind of grew on me ! I can't wait to get a doctor who shirt when I'm there in June!!
  6. bgoebel

    Must have Souvenir

    We always get Disney magnet for fridge (something we see everyday that reminds of us Of our magical times there) and ornament from Christmas shop in liberty square. Kids always get to pick a souvenir (usually stuffed animal). This year I'm hoping to start tradition of a Disney charm for my charm...
  7. bgoebel

    bad more disney planning?

    we will be going june 3rd thru the 10th staying at our old favorite pofq but if good deal comes out we may upgrade to poly or take advantage of free dining if that is offer. When I made reservation I asked if they would give me the exact 180 day for ADR's and apparently it's Dec. 5th and I am...
  8. bgoebel

    bad more disney planning?

    oh and i also put in a requests for the newest wdw planning video :)
  9. bgoebel

    bad more disney planning?

    I knew I'd find comfort and understanding on wdw magic!! So since the parks calendar was not available to check on hours/parades and plan out what park for each day for the time we are going I got my intinerary and got to add 2 columns since we are going for 2 more days then last trip (that...
  10. bgoebel

    bad more disney planning?

    Ha, I was planning on doing alot more, but forgot that the calendar for parks wouldn't be out until December because we are going june of 2013 so I'll have to keep it lighter but still looking up other disney vacations items is still therapeutic. Thanks guys!
  11. bgoebel

    bad more disney planning?

    so after a week of being sick, went to doctor and found out have asthmatic bronchitis (lots of meds and inhaler for first time ever). After coughing up a lung again last night woke up to non clean house (don't we all) thus frustration, spilled water all over bills that needed to be sent, and...
  12. bgoebel

    Sanaa or jiko

    Wow what great info and descriptions of each! More then I got from menus too!! Thanks for insight on view. We have 3 children ages at trabel: dd (10) dd (7) and ds (2)so it's good to know there may be a view . Anyone have wine and beer Recs for myself and husband. Inline moscato type sweet...
  13. bgoebel

    Sanaa or jiko

    Looking to try something new for dinner in animal kingdom area! Do you prefer jiko or Sanaa ? I've looked at menus for both and I know jiko is priced higher per plate so if we decide against dining plan (since now at price it's not as good of a deal) it may become a factor but both sound so good...
  14. bgoebel

    YOUR favorite time to come?

    First week of June for star wars weekends and hot enough ( but not too hot).
  15. bgoebel

    We're Back!

    we have found the transportation best from pofq for times they don't share bus stop with riverside because there is only one stop. Did you try walking to pofq to catch buses to see if that would expedite travel?? I'm so excited because planning on booking my trip this weekend (it's getting me...
  16. bgoebel

    Curve Ball

    Positive thoughts being sent ur way
  17. bgoebel

    Unofficial Guide

    I preordered and am expecting mine any day now :) shipped to friends house who has amazon prime! I've been counting down the days and absolutely love the UG! Bob and Len the authors don't just write description its all based on hard data and real people trialing and adds in feedback from Disney...
  18. bgoebel

    "Theme" your trips?

    I love this idea!!!!! I think pirates will be our first theme next june since its both dd fave movie and we are taking their little brother for first time so finally get to indulge in boy interests and not all princesses ;) not that there's anything wrong with that :)
  19. bgoebel

    Pirate league and bibbidi bobbidi

    That's hilarious but u should've really had him rocking out on air guitar to make it more believable ;)
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