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    Unique Flight of Passage FP strategy

    We’ve been talking about our strategy to actually get fast passes to Flight of Passage, apparently a unicorn FP. From what I hear there is a remote chance you can get them at 60+3/4 days out, and your chances get much better at 60+5 days. I also noticed that our 4 day tickets are also good...
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    Restaurant open at 6am but park not until 9am?

    I noticed that Disney's EMH's for Galaxy's Edge at WDW end on November 2 (6 AM - 9:00 AM every day). The day we will be there, November 10, has extra magic hours starting at 8:00 AM. However, Oga's Cantina is taking reservations for 6:00 AM. Is that a sign that they are going to open the park...
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    Savvi's, Driod Workshop, and Olga's reservations at DHS open today

    Reservations for Olga's Cantina, the Droid workshop, and Savvi's workshop all opened up on My Disney Experience today through February 3, 2020 at Disney Hollywood Studios, but good luck getting the website to load, much less being able to make a reservation. Olga's was sold out for our entire...
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    The cost of adding days to your ticket

    Our family of 4 is planning a 5 night 4 day stay on resort this November. I noticed that it only costs $20 or so per person to add day 5+. If we show up on our first day at the parks and like the weather, crowds, and such and decide we want to upgrade our tickets to 5 or 6 days, can we do that...
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    My approved thread disappeared

    I posted a thread to the resort forum yesterday asking for advice, and I was getting great advice, but all of the sudden it is back in the moderator queue and invisible. It was titled "Help an overwhelmed dad out". How do I find out why or if I did something wrong?
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    Help an overwhelmed dad out

    Our family of 4 went to Disney for the first time 3 years ago, and have been back once since then. We have a trip planned for 4 days November 8-13. I've never stayed in a disney resort hotel, but I booked two resorts - All Star Movies and Art of Animation. We have a preferred room for $808 total...
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