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    Calling All Moms, part 2

    disney moms reject also
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    DDE and Valet parking problems.

    valet parking i stayed at the beach club in may. i'm 100 % diabled and have a plackard and they tryied to charge me for a weeks worth of parking
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    Question about southwest

    souyhwest yes you can ask for a medical preboard pass at the boarding counter
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    Announcement for Alfredo's Replacement's new name

    plum wine i know this isn't about alfredo's but would anyone know the brand of plum wine they serve at the kiosk at JAPAN
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    Worst WDW Vacation EVER!!!!!

    i also just returned from the world i have the same impression that you have. my room at the beach club had no hot water for six days. one cm called me a lair had to prove him wrong. ate at ohana's was the worst meal i ever had. i also found the parks dirty and any where near a rest room the...
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    Whats the deal?

    i do go to universal why don't you try it you my like it like mikey not mickey
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    Whats the deal?

    i am not upset because someone responded to my post.and i don't need someone to grade my post this is not an english test. my point is disney thinks that what ever product is given on any day what you get is what you get like it or not. when a ride breaks down for the day or isn't working up to...
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    Whats the deal?

    you are proof of what i said
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    Whats the deal?

    You People Kill Me. Know Matter What Happens At Disney Is Alright I Don't Think So. A Family Of Five For A Weeks Worth Of Tickets 900-1000 Dollars. They Should Get What They Paid For Rides That Work, Clean Parks,cms That Are Not Rude,rooms That Are Clean And Every Thing Works. Disney Doesn't...
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    Not sure if we should drive

    Driving I Guess I Will Be Flying 5 People On Southwest Round Trip 866.00and Will Only Take Two Hours
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    Not sure if we should drive

    driving I'm Also Going To Be Driving Down From Boston And Would Like To Know The Price Of Gas In The Orlando Area. It Might Be Cheaper To Fly
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    Passholder Renewal

    You Ave Thirty Days From The Date That They Expire To Get The Renewal Rate . Forty Dollars Less Only 419.61
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    Passholder Renewal

    I Recevied Mine In The Mail About A Week Ago
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    Who Do You Book The Trip Thru To Make Payments. I Would Like To Do Tis Instead Of Paying In Full At Time Of Booking
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    how many more days for you?

    ow many more days for you 20 more :ROFLOL: :sohappy:
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    WDW May 2007

    may will be there may 24 -31 at the beach club res at ohana artist point yacht club steak house:sohappy:
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    Southwest airline

    southwest booked my flight today may 17 maay 31 79.00 each way from RI:sohappy:
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