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  1. Uncle Orville

    Disney Photo Trivia Facebook/Instagram

    It's been a few years since I posted, but I just created a fun page on Facebook and Instagram (click the embedded links to see the pages) that I want to share with fellow Disney fans! It is called Disney Photo Trivia! Here is my "sales pitch": Welcome to the place where trivia dreams come...
  2. Uncle Orville

    Is this an actual paper fastpass?

    I went shopping at theme park connection while on my trip to Disney last week. I bought some small paper items and in it was a fastpass. This isnt a typical fastpass however. Its on normal printing paper, and the paper is purple. I will attach a picture of the front and back and see if anyone...
  3. Uncle Orville

    Multiple FP+ at one time question

    So I know that with FP+ you start out with having three FP at once and then once you use them you can get another one. My question is about once you have used up your original three FP+. With the old system the FP would look like this... On this one you were able to get another fast pass at...
  4. Uncle Orville

    Tower of Terror Ride length theory

    At dinner last night my family and I were discussing many different parts of ToT. My dad said I wonder how it does a different drop sequence every time. He thought each ride was a set length, but I disagreed. I came up with a theory, feel free to add your ideas to this, or disprove if if its...
  5. Uncle Orville

    What do the people think of fastpass+

    So I love the idea of mymagic+ except for fastpass+. The RFID works well for getting in the park and for payments. Disney has a lot of cool things they could do with mymagic+ for instance, maybe when you load like HM you scan our magic band and then when it comes up to the hitchhiking ghosts...
  6. Uncle Orville

    Magic Kingdom Bored Game issues

    I bought the Magic Kingdom bored game at a rummage sale for like $2 and it had everything with it!! After setting it up and looking at everything I noticed many problems with it. First off on the box it has sleeping beauty castle even though it is Disney's Magic Kingdom game (incase your...
  7. Uncle Orville

    Control booth purpose?

    What do the control booths above the rides, like at PoTC there is a booth above your head, do? I see control panels on ground level, but there is also a booth above you, so Im wondering what the difference is.
  8. Uncle Orville

    What is this sign?!?!?!

    So when we were at Theme Park Connections my dad bought this sign. We had no idea what it was when he got it, but it seemed interesting. We still have no idea what it is from up until this day. Can anyone help shed light on this problem?
  9. Uncle Orville

    Bogus Rumor Thread

    This is a thread where you can feel free to make up a rumor about anything disney related (try and keep it somewhat realistic, and positive. Like don't say things like 20 people die on Rock N Rollercoaster because this is a happy thread). The rumors shouldn't be true because this is the place to...
  10. Uncle Orville

    Fastpass obsession

    I love Fastpasses and I don't know why. There is just something special about them and cool that I like. Every time I go down to Disney I get invalid Fastpasses for every ride possible, even if I have gotten a invalid fastpass for that ride the previous visit. I also like to get regular...
  11. Uncle Orville

    10 min wait... To get a fastpass!!

    At toy story mania the fastpass line was wrapped around and extended to one mans dream! It took 10 min to get a fastpass and from the time my dad got in the line (fastpass at 11:10) to the time he got a fastpass (fastpass at 3:10) too 10 min. I don't think that the times should jump 4 hours in...
  12. Uncle Orville

    Fire truck at downtown disney

    Tonight at DD there was a fire truck and ambulance. I'm not sure what was going on or if this is common. Any thoughts? Sorry this is so brief, but I don't have much time to post right now.
  13. Uncle Orville

    Working Backyard rollercoaster!! (no longer frustration)

    My neighbor and I are currently building a rollercoaster in his backyard. It starts 20 feet off the ground and the drop is 15 feet. We started it in the end of august and finished the track around the beginning of October. We still cant seem to make it work successfully. We have failed at the...
  14. Uncle Orville

    My own taste of Disney in my backyard

    My friend and I spent the part of our summer working on a rollercoaster in his backyard. I view this as a taste of disney because the only rollercoasters I have ridden were at disney. The coaster is coming along and it is really cool. Check out our first video on it at this link.
  15. Uncle Orville

    My George the ghost experience

    I'm posting this under rumors because technically it is a rumor. So I asked two different cast members outside of PoTC about George, this was when it was under refurb a month ago. So the first time the cast member said that it was a rumor and that George isn't real. Ok so that's one cast member...
  16. Uncle Orville

    Keys to the kingdom question

    I am lucky enough to go on the keys to the kingdom tour on December 2nd for my birthday and I realized that its a small world is being refurbed then. Does anyone know if we might get to go in there and see them working on the ride? It would be creepy but fun. And also do you get to walk around...
  17. Uncle Orville

    Disney world emojis

    Does anyone know if there are such things as Disney/Disney world emojis? I swear i have seen a little mickey ice cream bar emoji and smiley faces with mickey hats on. Please help me if you know of any.
  18. Uncle Orville

    Speed Humps sign

    My dad was driving us around in Disney and we got lost somewhere on property. We kept driving and came up to a sign that said speed humps. Has anyone seen this sign before? I thought it was kind of funny(teen humor).
  19. Uncle Orville

    Blue Tray!?!?

    My family went down to Florida with my high school band to play in the celebrate a dream come true parade and one of the days we were down there my parents were eating at the Backlot Express and their food was on a blue tray. That all seemed normal until the CM's sang a blue tray song and at the...
  20. Uncle Orville

    Carousel of progress family

    Can anyone tell me if the family in carousel of progress is the same through the whole show or if it is different generations. The nicknames change a little through the scenes and some people show age while others don't through the scenes. On TTA the announcer says "in the carousel of progress...
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