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    Fireworks and smoke direction In Galaxy Edge in DL and WDW

    Just wondering how any fireworks will be done in Galaxy Edge in DL and HS? Will smoke be a problem at night if they having any firework in the parks anywhere? Looking forward to walk at night thru Galaxy Edge.
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    Trouble getting a 7 days plan with dining each year for a solo guy

    I go to WDW every year in Early November for almost ten years, by myself for seven days , always stay Pop, until last year or so. Now I am cannot, because no available dates or my party size is too small. Yet I can get a plan at the same hotel at the same time, for 4 or less days. Do not make...
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    Victory Lane interchange Construction

    Been several years since the beginning of Construction of the interchange near AOA / Pop/ ESPN and Victory Lane and a new entrance to DHS. Just wondering when this area will be finished?
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    Gathering of YouTuber at Disney World this week?

    Notice some of my favorites Pokémon YouTuber staying at All Star Sport, this week. Media Day events? Thought that some video tripods is ban in MK.
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    SpongBob the Musical

    Just saw the outside Marquee for SpongBob Squarepant the Musical at Seven Avenue and Broadway in Time Square, and wondering if anybody seem what the characters costumes look like? If any?
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    2017 Xmas show taping?

    Have anybody have any advance knowledge of when this year (2017) xmas show taping? Planning a late November to early December trip and want to avoid MK castle area. Any taping in others parks this year?
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    Party of one problems with package deals

    Ever since my last trip over a year ago, i have problems getting a package deal from Disney travel agency for a party of one at Pop Century online for food, room and tickets. No problems at the higher cost resort but i just like the pop century. And also no problems if my travel party was higher...
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    IOS Message that WDWMAGIC may slow down

    Just updated my iPad to IOS 10.1.1 and got this pop up balloon saying that WDWMAGIC app may slow down my iPad. And the administration have need to update this site and app soon.
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    New Star Tours scenes

    While standing at the rope drop at HS a CM told me he got to see some of the new action scenes in Star Tours. Got on as one of the first in the morning and my first part was the pod race/ general ackbar/ and to me a new nighttime city landing that have very close action shots in very sharp HD...
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    Daylight saving time questions?

    Will be arriving at Disney world on November 1st. The day Daylight Saving Time End. Magic kingdom close at 7 pm for a hard ticket event ( Mickey Holloween Party?) Wishes still at 7 pm when the park close? Or during the special events? Should check in and get to the park by noon, leaving me only...
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    John Wayne airport to Disneyland?

    What are the alternate choices of getting from John Wayne airport to Disneyland and back? Planning on setting aside money for a shuttle cost.
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    Several things i find wrong with Magic Band

    1. Micky head on magic band should be upside down making it easy to touch the touch point. 2. make the kiosh and fast point plus point in the parks the same. 3. do not like the need to enter a pin code for the dining plan or scan a fingerprint to enter the park. make it one or the other. 4...
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    chase/disney visa rewards for foods and snacks?

    I got over 120 dollars rewards on my chase / disney visa card that i am thinking of using to pay for my third meal of the day (quick service dining plan only pay for two meal and one snack) and for extra snacks and drinks. just want to verify that most food courts and carts will take this form...
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    Sorcerer of Kingdom how late?

    Planning to kill time of Disney 24 hours May 23 by standing in long lines and playing Sorcerer of kingdom, just how long does this little run around last during the day ? How many time can you get cards doing the day?
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    Hamburger vs cheeseburger

    Is there any place in Disney that I can get a regular hamburger with topping and not have a cheeseburger? Do not like cheese on my burger or my fries.
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    why is Magical Express is not on the Magical Band?

    was thinking about the Magical Express and Magical Band and wonder why it not use at Orlando Airport to just tap and enter the number of luggages to claims and party numbers to get on the bus instead of using paper tickets. this will alert disney you on your way to the resort and will have your...
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    Magic band /fastPass/and the single rider

    My previous Disney trips I only use the paper fastPass twice the entire trip, just Soaring, and Toy Mania, nothing else in both park, nor Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom seem to me warrant me getting one because I sometime use the single rider entrance or it just walk on with a short wait...
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    Disney Media Day and possible commerial shooting

    In Califorina for my first visit to Disneyland, some holiday deco up around the park, but major new it also Social Media Day, some section are not open unto 11 and there are detours plus there a commerial shooting at the entrance to Mickey Magical Map.
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    What to expect to happen at a grand opening day?

    Going to be in Magic Kingdom for Fantasy Land Grand Opening on December 6, I going to guess there will be a rope drop ceremony somewhere in front of the new area by Disney higher ups as the park open. Lots of people going there first thing in the morning and grand opening merchandise to be...
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    Boarding tickets on cell phones

    Last week I got by boarding tickets from Amtrak on my Iphone as PDF to go to NYC, and I wonder if the airlines are using this tech yet instead of printing out your boarding tickets. Going to Disney in December on Jetblue while I will have a printed copy of my trip, having one less piece of paper...
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