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  1. Jonathan Dalecki

    Fall 2021 is out!

    Booked ours yesterday! We were supposed to be doing 7 nights on the Fantasy this November with our daughter, who we'd been training to crush the Diaper Dash. But she started walking exclusively at 11 months, so, there goes that idea lol. And I'm still not sure they'll be back up and running...
  2. Jonathan Dalecki

    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    I saw earlier on Twitter, from a local news reporter, that the Dream is going out for one last cruise before the temporary shut down. The general reaction was "nope, couldn't get me on there" but I was like, hell, if anyone has a 10A stateroom they don't want to use, slide it my way!
  3. Jonathan Dalecki

    How Many Days Until Your Next Disney Cruise???

    245...feels like a nice round number to update on!
  4. Jonathan Dalecki

    First cruise experience on the Magic. Report, please?

    I liked Tiana's better than Rapunzel's. Better menu, I thought, and I enjoyed the band more. Also, and this isn't his fault, but we could NOT get rid of Hook Hand lol. I think he was at our table for a solid 10 minutes. I'm a theater actor with an improv background, and I think he was just so...
  5. Jonathan Dalecki

    Ever had an accident at WDW?

    Had an accident in the kitchen of Restaurantosaurus, when I worked there. A freezer door came off its hinges and smacked me in the area between my upper lip and nose. I still have the scar. And I threw up like crazy in Communicore West in 1987. If those count.
  6. Jonathan Dalecki

    Best memories from your first trip?

    November 1987. Little old me there for the first time and also turning 8 years old. Stayed at Fort Wilderness. On the walk from the bus stop to our cabin I lost my dinner in the bushes, and then spent the rest of the night losing my lunch, breakfast, and whatever else was inside me. Still the...
  7. Jonathan Dalecki

    If you hear Whale of Tale played anywhere on the resort today...

    Whale of a Tale is a staple on the Disney cruise ships. You'll always hear it there.
  8. Jonathan Dalecki

    Best ride in all of WDW?

    Spaceship Earth, then, now, always. Thank you Phoenicians!
  9. Jonathan Dalecki

    When did the Polynesian get so expensive?

    We spent one night at the Poly two years ago. We'd gone on a Disney cruise, then did the Poly and Mickey's Christmas Party. Even for that one night, it was easy to see why people stay there no matter how expensive it gets. The resort is gorgeous and just whisks you away to that feeling of being...
  10. Jonathan Dalecki

    How Many Days Until Your Next Disney Cruise???

    366! Because today is my 40th (!) birthday, and we set sail on this exact day in 2020!
  11. Jonathan Dalecki

    Disney Dreams stage show temporary hiatus

    They have to rework it to a version that's less "11 year old leaps out of bedroom window to her death, mother claims she believed she could fly." I mean, I love this show, and last year the Anna was the best I've seen, but my wife and I always crack up just a teeny bit at the ending.
  12. Jonathan Dalecki

    How Many Days Until Your Next Disney Cruise???

    379! We're officially under the 400+ mark we were at last time I posted, and closing in on the 1 year and counting down day!
  13. Jonathan Dalecki

    Can i wear this in the disney parks?

    One night during a visit my wife and I got dressed to the nines for a meal at California Grill. Suit for me, dress, jewelry, high heels for her. After dinner we took the monorail over to Magic Kingdom and rode Splash Mountain dressed in all our finery. Got some laughs from castmembers too, as...
  14. Jonathan Dalecki

    News The 'Disney Look' to be further relaxed at Walt Disney World

    Same same same. Shaving every day is the quickest way I know to razor burn, bumps, and irritated skin. When I do shave my face it's with a lady's razor, as they actually seem to give some thought into making them comfortable and good for a smooth finish, whereas men's razors all seem to be "the...
  15. Jonathan Dalecki

    News The 'Disney Look' to be further relaxed at Walt Disney World

    All I know is this would have made my College Program experience SO different! I was not a frequent shaver in college, mostly ranging from light stubble to mountain man and in between, and having to go from that to shaving every day wasn't an easy transition. It's nice to know that today's kids...
  16. Jonathan Dalecki

    Is Disneyland Paris better than the parks at WDW?

    I should have specified that I was talking about ED as a potential financial disaster for the company in its earliest days before they finally got it opened. From the point of it's success as a beautiful park, no question, since day 1 it's been amazing. It's on my bucket list to get to someday.
  17. Jonathan Dalecki

    Is Disneyland Paris better than the parks at WDW?

    Not to take one side or another, but I love the entire concept of this thread even existing considering how much of a flop what was once EuroDisney was considered back when it opened, and how it was considered pretty much a failure of a park.
  18. Jonathan Dalecki

    Disney Wishes Closing Date Announced

    That's sad news. We went on a cruise in 2014 and LOVED Wishes, and actually ended up meeting two of the three performers (one randomly chilling on Deck 4 and one line wrangling for a character) and striking up a bit of a friendship. We still keep in touch on Facebook to this day. Not that Frozen...
  19. Jonathan Dalecki

    Disney Wish

    Oh, sweet, I'm about to ascend to Platinum status...that's a cool perk. And yeah, Palo has to stay...that brunch is a must every time. But they could change out Remy for something with a different flair. Thinking more about restaurants, if they wanted one that continued the Tangled and...
  20. Jonathan Dalecki

    Disney Wish

    I'd be interested in something akin to Remy...I think it's good to have at least one restaurant that's a little more upscale, for those who want it. Sort of a floating Victoria & Alberts. But I definitely agree they don't need more than one per ship...the rotational restaurants are great, and...
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