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  1. Dead2009

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Is it normal to drink at 1 in the morning? Asking for a friend :/.
  2. Dead2009

    Former Cast Member just keeping up on the latest.

    Hello and welcome!
  3. Dead2009

    New to these forums, but not to Disney

    Hello and welcome!
  4. Dead2009

    Greetings! New Member here! Also a Cast Member! <3

    Hello and welcome!
  5. Dead2009

    Greetings from a gal that misses Disney World.

    Hello and welcome!
  6. Dead2009

    Hi everyone! :)

    Hello and welcome!
  7. Dead2009

    Salute to All Things but MOSTLY Politics

    Let it be about one of Trump's kids though, THEN it needs to make national news.
  8. Dead2009

    Quibi says it's shutting down after 6 months Did anyone really use Quibi?
  9. Dead2009

    Guess the NBA bubble wasn’t the slam dunk Disney was hoping for

    Something tells me you can't tell the difference between bad publicity and not liking being stuck in a bubble for months on end with restrictions.
  10. Dead2009

    Japanese construction giant Obayashi announces space elevator plans by 2050 Once the realm of science fiction, a Japanese company has announced they will have a space elevator up and running by the year 2050. If successful it would revolutionise space travel and...
  11. Dead2009

    NBA 2019/20 Official Discussion Thread

    If you honestly think that sports and politics mixing have nothing to do with part of the reason as to why the ratings are down, you're blind to the problem.
  12. Dead2009

    Jurassic World

    Yeah this one seemed to be the only movie to come out on time and now this changes that.
  13. Dead2009

    What if Sonic meets Spider-Gwen

    I support it.
  14. Dead2009

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Found out the forum has an app on the Google store so now I can just jump on the app instead of pulling the browser up! Woohoo.
  15. Dead2009

    Hi Folks

    Hello and welcome!
  16. Dead2009

    Another darn newb...

    Hello and welcome!
  17. Dead2009

    Hi from Ohio

    Hello and welcome!
  18. Dead2009

    NBA 2019/20 Official Discussion Thread

    The NBA season was in danger of being outright cancelled back in the summer because players were talking about no longer playing when the police protests first started happening. Politics have everything to do with the ratings decline.
  19. Dead2009

    Salute to All Things but MOSTLY Politics

    Wasnt removed. Thanks for playing.
  20. Dead2009

    Salute to All Things but MOSTLY Politics

    Also doesnt change the fact that the whole point is to do just that, get them removed. Do you actually win if you vote for something but it never happens?
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