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  1. FireChiefGoofy

    New Animal Kingdom Bus Stops

    The new bus stops at Animal Kingdom opened for business today. Be advised that all of the load zones have changed except for Old Key West. Load zones are now as follows: 1. Wilderness Lodge/Grand Floridian 2. Contemporary/Polynesian 3. Yacht Club/Beach Club 4. Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin...
  2. FireChiefGoofy

    New Gillig Buses

    The new Gillig buses have started to hit the roads at WDW. These buses feature the new Disney Transport paint scheme. These additions will help phase out the old RTS buses that require walking up stairs to board. I can't wait to get behind the wheel!!!
  3. FireChiefGoofy

    Behind the Scenes Haunted Mansion Tour

    DW signed us up for a CM only backstage tour of the Haunted Mansion on Thursday morning at 6:50 am. The posting says it is a three hour walking tour. I will have updates after the event.
  4. FireChiefGoofy

    Behind the Scenes Haunted Mansion Tour

    DW signed us up for a CM only backstage tour of the Haunted Mansion on Thursday morning at 6:50 am. The posting says it is a three hour walking tour. I will have updates after the event.
  5. FireChiefGoofy

    I Made It!

    I finally Earned My Ears (graduated) from Disney bus driver training. Watch out everyone, there is a new driver on the loose! This is honestly the best job I have ever had! I love interacting with the guests while they are my captive audience for the ride from the resort to the parks!
  6. FireChiefGoofy

    At Saratoga Springs Right Now!!!

    After many months of planning, we have finally made to our first trip as DVC owners at SSR. We purchased points at BLT, but had to change to a 2BR at SSR early in the summer. This place is beautiful. We are in the Springs section right next to High Rocks Pool, the Carriage House and the...
  7. FireChiefGoofy

    First trip as DVC owners coming up!

    Sitting at home with DW weathering Hurricane Irene and thinking about WDW! We are currently 35 days away from our first trip as new DVC owners!!!! My question is, will DVC send out a package like you normally get when you book with Disney travel, or will anything come at all. We have all of...
  8. FireChiefGoofy

    Wild Africa Trek

    Has anyone done the new Wild Africa Treck at DAK? If so, how much was it, was it worth the money? I was thinking of surprising DW with something different and since Kilamanjaro Safari is one of her favorite attractions, I thought this would be great.
  9. FireChiefGoofy

    First Trip As DVC Owners Coming Up!!!

    Hello everyone. DW and I have planned our first trip as new DVC owners for October 2011. We purchased at BLT and originally had a 1BR reserved at BLT. Yesterday, we changed to a 2BR at SSR due to having some more people coming down. Although we are disappointed that we are not staying at...
  10. FireChiefGoofy

    Just Confirmed!!!!

    Just received confirmation from DVC for our first trip to the world using our new DVC membership. We booked a 1-bedroom villa with a lake view at BLT for the first week of October 2011. If anyone has any recommendations for rooms with better views or tips for some new DVCer's, we would greatly...
  11. FireChiefGoofy

    We finally purchased DVC

    DW and I purchased DVC at BLT on Tuesday :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy:! We were blown away with how good they looked. I am not a big fan of the Contemporary, but BLT is absolutely beautiful!!!
  12. FireChiefGoofy

    Pop Warner is here!!!

    DW and I just got back to PORS from EPCOT to find about 300 Pop Warner football players and cheerleaders checking in the Main Lobby :eek:!!! Needless to say we didn't stick around to hit the bar and watch some football.
  13. FireChiefGoofy

    Disney Holidays at Home

    DW and I are starting to prep the house for our own Disney holidays at home. She bought a great animated Goofy at a yard sale yesterday for $5. After searching on Ebay, here's what we found...
  14. FireChiefGoofy

    Week after Thanksgiving ADRs!

    Traveling to the world from November 27 to December 4 and we just finalized our ADRs for our trip: 11/27 Open 11/28 LeCellier 11/29 Open 11/30 Rose & Crown 12/01 Artist Point 12/02 O'hana Breakfast 12/03 Raglan Road 12/04 Teppan Edo We are using the free dining plan...
  15. FireChiefGoofy

    Just paid off our trip!

    DW and I just paid off our trip to the world:sohappy:! 63 more days to go before 8 days and 7 nights at PORS with free dining! Leaving Delaware on Thanksgiving Day and making the long drive to Florida. Check in on Saturday 11/27 until Saturday 12/4. Hoping to catch the Candlelight...
  16. FireChiefGoofy

    2009 Christmas Parade Taping Tickets

    :xmas: Check your e-mail. Disney released the tickets for the Christmas Parade Taping taking place on 12/3, 12/4, and 12/5. If you previously signed-up in October and were chosen, you will receive E-tickets that you print at home. Hurry, even though it says you are invited, tickets are...
  17. FireChiefGoofy

    Online Check-In Problems

    Anyone else having problems with online check-in today?
  18. FireChiefGoofy

    Christmas Parade Taping Tickets

    DW and I are leaving on Black Friday for our trip to WDW. We have applied for tickets to the taping of the Christmas Parade. Does anyone know when Disney will be notifying people as to whether they were selected or not :veryconfu?
  19. FireChiefGoofy

    Surprise birthday gifts for the DW pre-trip report

    Well, we are down to the last 17 days before DW and I leave for WDW. She is aware that we are going to Disney for her birthday, but she does not know about the birthday surprises I have in store for her. This past two weeks have been horrible. I was hospitalized with an appendicitis, which...
  20. FireChiefGoofy

    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

    We just booked MVMCP for December 3rd :sohappy:. We booked online through Disney and printed the tickets right from our computer. We will be having dinner at LTT and was wondering who else was going to the party on the 3rd?
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