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  1. Teenchy

    In-Room Celebrations....

    You may want to check with as well and see what they can do for you and their prices. They are not cheap but I have used them for several special things. including decorating our room on our wedding night. (You can read details of that in wedding link in my signature)...
  2. Teenchy

    Guests queue around the building to get into T-REX

    Hope they have those big ribs that Fred Flintstone use to order.:slurp:....if you don't remember click the links below. :ROFLOL:
  3. Teenchy

    Months of Planning Perfect Proposal

    Congrats and I wish the best for both of you. Thanks for sharing...and kudos to the great CM's
  4. Teenchy

    The top secret plan

    If the staff cant help you and you have the $$ check out the site below.....I have used them and they are wonderful and if anyone could help you pull of something special it would be them.
  5. Teenchy

    Please help my Fiancee

    Congrats.......voted for you as well.......trying to keep this post current as well so others will read and vote.
  6. Teenchy

    Grande Floridian question

    There are a few but you will have to pay a premium for them. They are in Boca Chica building. See the link below for more details. There are many more rooms in the Contemporary and Poly that have MK views.
  7. Teenchy

    BLT & Treeshouse DVC Announced

    Have yet to recv. any snail mail or email, learned about the details here! And Yesterday we just became a part of the new BLT :lol: "Family". Cant wait to book our first stay...MK View!
  8. Teenchy

    Making the holidays special in your room...

    Window clings are also a nice easy way to show your spirit. See we just got some from Target. Last year we saw someone at POFQ put one of those huge blow-up yard type Mickeys in their that was something to...
  9. Teenchy

    Honeymoon help

    As you have already read in many other responses I would guess that Poly & GF would be the #1 choices for many Honeymooners. I think if you like CBR and that whole beach/tropical feel that Poly would be great. We stayed at the Contemporary VP Suite for our Honeymoon only becuase my wife had...
  10. Teenchy

    Resorts at Christmas

    Agree with all the others that you should see as many of the resorts a possible. Even POFQ & other moderates have nice decorations, the only ones I have not visited are the value resorts. Dolphin & Swan are also beautiful. See this link for some more details...
  11. Teenchy

    Best Romantic Moderate

    Would definitely agree with POFQ. ALso this is a great book for "Disney Couples" We have used ot for lots of information and ideas.
  12. Teenchy

    Surprise of her lifetime...

    I think its a great idea and there are lots of proposal ideas on these boards if you do a can also "borrow" any ideas from the link in my signature about our wedding. I also always recommend if you have the $$ they can help you with an idea and pull off...
  13. Teenchy

    21 days until my Disney wedding what do you think?

    Congrats....I was married in WDW as well (you can read my story in my signature)....but one thing I thought of if you haven't already planned to have your room decorated for you and your bride on your wedding night. Not that you will need the extra brownie points but if your bride is...
  14. Teenchy

    Bette Midler and a lottery ticket?

    Yes I remember it as is a link with a little information And another discussion about this as well on another site.
  15. Teenchy

    What to do to relax at WDW?

    Spa treatment / massage at SS Spa.
  16. Teenchy

    Disney On the Travel Channel @ 2:00 Est Today

    I know its been said before but here is a link and if you sign up for the weekly email you will know everything thats coming on tv each week that relates to Disney.
  17. Teenchy

    Surprise WDW Wedding

    Thank you so much. I really dont think its how much you can create magic yourselves and of course Disney provides so much of it already. Its been a year and a half and its still such a wonderful day to reflect on. Good Luck and God Bless...I hope you are able to have Rev.Jack....he...
  18. Teenchy

    Renewal Toast! HELP!

    I have never used this before but know someone who did. Yea I know its not as special getting it from someone esle but maybe this can help get those creative juices flowing and you can pick peices from different sources and then add in you own parts to make it special....Good lUck and congrats...
  19. Teenchy

    Atlantic Dance Hall

    Amen to that....for a price Disney can do almost anything! Believe me after our wedding I know! :ROFLOL:(read link in signature) By the way to the OP....the Atlantic Dance Hall is really if you are having a large reception it would be a great place, but I think you might feel lost if...
  20. Teenchy

    Our Wedding @ Disney World

    Congrats as well. Welcome to the Club (Disney wedding club alum that is...) I to had an amazing wedding and also highly recommend it to anyone, no matter the size. Good luck and now you have another great excuse to have to visit Disney every year!
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