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  1. FRD714

    First Visit in September

    Hello all, We will be visiting DL from 9/17-9/19. Our first trip here. Have been going to WDW for nearly 30 years. We have 3 full days at the resort and we are staying at Paradise Pier. Our plan is to hit DL the first day, then DCA and then back to DL for our last day. We have Maxi Pass and...
  2. FRD714

    WDW Jan 1-6 2007

    I made a video with photos and videos I took during my trip last month. The full photo album can be found here: Enjoy.
  3. FRD714

    Rockin' California Screamin Track

    I've watched at least 10 videos now with the RHCP track playing, and I decided to recreate it using the original song. I spent at least 4 hours trying to get everything right. They use so many different parts of the song in this track, it was hard to get it all transition right. The ending where...
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