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  1. pazapalooza

    RnRc Contract End?

    I guess no one wants to remember the fiasco known as Superman Red/Blue. I also heard the No Doubt stuff, but I thought that was more for a west coast version. Senderella mentioned a rock band that's widely accepted. I've decided to throw my vote (we're voting?) for Fleetwood Mac. All their...
  2. pazapalooza

    New Blog Looking for friends

    Hey everybody, I'm working on a disney blog. I call it the disney wallpaper blog. I was bored and need practice with photoshop. Anywho, I was looking for some friends to link with with other disney related blogs/the like. I saw a post about people owning blogs but a handful didn't exist, or...
  3. pazapalooza

    Meet the Robinsons at Disney-MGM Studios

    My friend and I went for spring break between Thursday and Sunday, and we hit MGM on Saturday. Here's a pic from the meet n greet. I believe the video before it had interviews from guys who were the voices of the coach and the villain. And of course the caffeine clip.
  4. pazapalooza

    Anyone ever gotten married at WDW?

    My sister was married in June 2006 at Disney. It was a little small, but from what I recall, it must have been customized. Let me see if i can recall some things: + She got married in the Wedding Pavilion. + There was a 4 string quartet. Both for the Wedding, Pre-reception, and Reception. It...
  5. pazapalooza

    Sounds Dangerous

    Maybe it was just me, but I always thought that the headphones were either unsanitary or (by the latter 2000s) getting quickly outdated. I betcha sounds dangerous would have been cooler with 5.1 surround sound.
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